Air Plants – Tillandsia Usneoides – Spanish Moss Reduced 25%

This is a large 1 to 1.5 foot strand of Spanish Moss (we can’t pronounce usneoides either) with a wire hook for easy hanging anywhere in your home or in a shady tree outside. Great for craft projects, making nests for your other air plants or a thousand other uses. Spanish Moss had many uses to American Indians and early settlers in the southern U.S. If you order other air plants with your Spanish Moss we will use it to safely pack them. You can get Spanish Moss for free all over the southern U.S. and South America if you can climb trees but ours is bug free! Free 21 page Ebook with Every Order. “Air Plants: Care and Design Made Easy” by Jody James. A $4.99 value for free

Quick facts

  • Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.
  • Live Spanish Moss – 1 to 1.5 feet long – Great for Nesting or DIY Crafts
  • Air Plants are Exotic and Easy to Care For
  • 30 Day Air Plant Guarantee – No Return Required – We will replace or refund you money if they die within 30 days
  • Many uses for crafts and floral design
  • Free 21 Page Ebook by Jody James with Every Order – A $4.99 Value

Top reviews

arrived fine

Just arrived.

So far so good. I placed them in a basket for observation. Some of the leaves moved up towards the sun.

Will update later….

LylaUnderwood, ND

More than expected!

Excellent shipment! On time and more moss than expected. It did not arrive in the tight balls as shown, but that makes it easier to use when making arrangements.
NeidaWickhaven, PA