The “Beaujolais” of honey, Tawari is best savored when young. It’s origins are the lowland forests of New Zealand’s far north where the elegant tree’s waxy white flowers, prized by the ancient Maori, gift the bees a light yellow nectar with a lingering butterscotch flavor. So subtle and mild, it’s perfect for topping pancakes, waffles or ice cream. Our jars are clear and honestly display our honey; DO NOT be fooled by honey that does not display or test their pollen count, or what has been dubbed “pollen-less goo” by the media! All New Zealand honey has been lab-tested and scientifically analyzed to bring you the best, most healthy honey in the world.

Quick facts

  • HONEST: details on each jar include pollen count, batch numbers, and active ingredients (lab tested)
  • UNDAMAGED: most pure, natural, and raw honey; very minimal heat damage maintains honey’s unique properties
  • TRACEABLE: can trace your honey down to the specific area, to the specific apiary, that created your honey
  • Soft, butterscotch flavor with a creamy texture, great for ice cream
  • Packed in PET 100% recyclable, 100% non-toxic, plastic jars…glass jars add cost and do not protect against heat damage

Top reviews

This is the gold standard of honey

Let me tell you, if you are the kind of person who knows the difference between clover and buckwheat honey, or raw honey and generic store bought, once you try this honey nothing else will ever compare. The flavor is so incredibly delicious and ever so faintly butterscotch, I can tell you that any recipe you use this in will turn out supreme. I make my own granola and use honey & agave nectar for sweetening. When I use this brand, it makes a world of a difference. I’m dying to try it with a baklava recipe.
MattieLisbon, MD

Tawari Honey, good but nothing special

This honey is tasty, just as most honeys are, but it tastes about the same as most of the honeys I can find locally, so I don’t plan to buy again. I was expecting a special butterscotch flavor, as promised in the ad, which it does not have. I was also expecting a full pint volume in glass. I was disappointed to see that it is substantially less than a pint and packaged in plastic. The local honeys I can get can do everything this honey can and at less cost.
ErwinPlymouth, VT