Ajinomoto Activa RM

ACTIVA RM is a transglutaminase enzyme preparation that may be used for bonding a diverse range of food materials such as red meat, poultry and seafood pieces. It can be added as a pre-hydrated slurry or as a dry powder. ACTIVA RM is versatile in application and its use can be tailored to fit most processes.

Quick facts

  • Food Enzyme used to provide ways to improve texture, yield, sliceability.
  • Used to “glue” protiens together; mix Swordfish with Salmon to create a Seafood Filet
  • Used to “glue” protiens together; mix Elk, Llama and Yak to create a Exotic Mixed Grill Filet
  • Product of France
  • 18 month Shelf Life, Keep in Freezer to ensure product strength

Top reviews

dont buy noooooooooooooo bad for health never buy any meat glue ever

meat glue is used daily in meat and is very danderous and can kill most meat producing companies will mislead you by putting in meat glue and making meat look deliscious but its a killer
GracielaRutledge, GA

Bad Ju Ju

You don’t want to put this stuff on your food. It is potentially dangerous. They use enzymes from cow or pig blood to produce this product and therefore it could be dangerous if the meat is not cooked well-done to burnt.

This stuff has been around for 6 or so years now and explains why some meats we’ve bought at the grocery store look the way (shape) they do. God didn’t produce these foods like that!

Oui Vey

TonieWest Peterborough, NH

scary stuff

I read that you must make sure to wear your face mask while performing the simple operation of mixing this stuff. You don’t want to be something that makes your blood clot abnormally. It is transglutaminase, an enzyme in powder form, derived from beef and pork blood plasma. Europe has banned this. Do you want to be eating it either?

Frankenstein food. Scary stuff. I see why more and more people are going vegan and not regretting it either.

MelbaCoal City, IL

This is disgusting and harmful!

This is outrageous that the compound sold here can be added to meat parts to make them a “whole” product. The separation of parts to be rejoined is HIGHLY likely to cause sickness in people, such salmonella, e coli, etc. This product should be BANNED in the US and everywhere else, as it is a human hazard, not only in chemical composition, but in the practice of butchery in every place worldwide. Really.
MichaBeldenville, WI



Links to prove its a bad thing. Just like injecting poor and old cuts of meat w/flavor to make them look good. PLUS adding extra weight.

Did you know real meat isn’t RED, like in the store. If blood is drained properly, it is brownish. A green sheen means it’s rotting, but red meat is just dye.

AnthonyHebron, IL

Dangerous..read more!

Before you even consider this, please read […] or the video from Australia, […]

I am horrified Amazon is selling this stuff!!! Amazon wouldn’t let me rate it 0 stars! If amazon cuts out the www and video sites again, just google Meat Glue and look for the Green Prophet report and Meat Glue video to see the Australian report…It’s banned in Europe–why is it being let in the USA?

CorrinneSaint Helens, OR

This stuff is great

I’ve used this to combine all types of wild game and form it into delicious edible steaks. It works best to marinade your wild game first to have the flavors evenly dispersed throughout the meat. Do this overnight in the fridge, then simply mix the meat with the glue, wrap into a tube in plastic wrap. Wait a while and cut into tasty steaks. You can even freeze the tube and cut into steaks later. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MarilouTewksbury, MA

Comments from a professional chef

I would like to make this short and sweet. For the people that are experimenting and enjoying finding out what amazing things this product can do—- well done. For those of you giving it a negative review— you’re ignorant. I mean that in the nicest most literal way. As a professional Chef that has traveled the world working in many of the best restaurants in the WORLD I can tell you from first hand experience that this product is intended for things that I am guessing you just DO NOT understand. For example: Take a fish as thin as sole. You cannot actually ‘sear’ the fish to get nice caramelization on the flesh without overcooking it. This ‘searing’ is to acquire what is called the maillard reaction. The maillard reaction is the caramelization of the natural proteins, amino acids and sugars found in the meat or fish product. You do this to bring out the flavor— it makes a HUGE difference. So, if you sear the thin filets it will overcook. Use the meat glue and you can ‘glue’ two filets together thus acquiring the nice brown color and NOT overcook the fish…. Easy peasy…… Get a clue and don’t comment on things you don’t understand. Ignorant as I mentioned before.
WilhelminaOchopee, FL


Why would you guys buy this stuff? Seriously, think about it.

That’s all I have to say.

Get your meat locally and fresh. Stop cheating.

CindaDarby, MT

Amazing product!

Been using this at home and getting some fantastic results! It really does make a lot of new things possible with meat if you get creative with it. I recreated Wiley Dufresne’s shrimp noodles and a couple of other recipes from david changs momofuku cookbook. I’m suprised by some of the reviews here, some of these people seem to not really have a clue what this stuff is all about!
ThaoEastlake, CO

Works wonders on meats.

I use this all the time as do many professional chefs. The bad reviews are from folks that are ignorant to what this is and probably just plain ignorant anyway. It is not dangerous if used correctly.
JoshuaParkers Lake, KY

Good and bad

When you are making unique foods like shrimp noodles made out of actual shrimp, or using it to enhance the appearance of a dish in an artistic way, it’s fine. But don’t be fooled by the so-called “world famous chefs” on amazon talking out of their rear ends. One reviewer says it’s 100 a pound, and that you can’t recoup costs if you use it in the way most use it. That’s called crap. I can go buy a 2 pound pack of stew meat for 5 bucks, sprinkle some meat glue in, roll it up, and slice $40 filet out of them. I just turned 5 bucks of meat scraps into $160. You think they aren’t using it? I suggest you ask, because I PROMISE YOU, restaurants are using it on the sneak. The manager might not even know; understand that information like that is purposefully compartmentalized. The area manager may know that the pre-packaged steaks they get are glued meat, but the general manager probably wouldn’t. Plus there is usually a kitchen manager in most restaurants which is what most people don’t know. That person is usually responsible for the back of the house, the food delivery, and kitchen affairs. He may not even know. Restaurants that make everything SPEC and/or from scratch like Ted’s Montana won’t use it, but best believe a local chain or individual restaurant will, and any restaurant that gets prepackaged foods in ready cut and measured portions.
DickHensley, WV

Banned by ignorant minds every where

First of all this is a natural product that is collected from healthy food grade livestock. So your eating a small quanity when ever you eat meat. Secondly this enzym is very delicate and it will be broken down by the digestive system long before it could enter the blood stream intact. Thirdly this is not used by evil meat packing companies to make franken meat. It’s around $100 dollars a pound so recovering the cost would make the Franken meat cost more so what’s the advantage. Forth is it banned in Europe? I thought some said this product is made in France. Not to mention Europe will ban anything if enough people complain about it regaurdless of the science and if the Europeans are as misinformed and reactionary as some of the commentors on here I wouldn’t be surprised if it was banned. And finnaly wearing a dust mask when using a podwer that binds protiens together is just good sense. A lung full of any kind of glue would be a bad thing wouldn’t it? Super glue was developed for use in surgery to close wounds where they didn’t want to use stitchs. I’m not going to breath in a fog of super glue for the same reason as I wouldn’t breath this in. My lungs work better when their not glued shut.

Now this product is for the cook that wants to try new things, experiment, have fun. I’m going to try it after I perfect making foams in my new N2O charger. Eat to live don’t live to eat

SamiraMaywood, NJ

Quality Product!

I use this product regularly. If you know what you’re doing and have great to professional cooking experience, you can create kitchen miracles. I use this to create custom cuts of meat or to bind different species together. My favorite application is to make a sort of Turducken Braciole. I debone whole turkey, duck, chicken and sometimes quail or squab and after removing the wings and legs, I butterfly the meat into flat sheets. I then use this product in between each layer of meat to bind them together as if they came from the same animal. I then roll the meat sheat around a long natural casing sausage to create beautiful tube of mixed meat. After seasoning, grilling and roasting, I slice the roast into discs and serve with a port wine reduction or gravy of some kind. It’s allways a hit! This product is not for beginners. You must have a-lot of kitchen experience. But with experamentation you can work wonders. Ignore the one star reviews. Having read them all, none actually review the product or discuss their experience with the product. All are either vegan/vegiteran or anti-modern butcher practices activists using the review as a platform to spout their drivel. If you’re buying this product here, chances are you’re not supplying mega-marts with fake stake or faux roasts. You’re probaby buying this for private home use or small resaurant use. When used properly there is no danger at all. If it was poisonous or unsafe to consume it would be illegal to sell in the US, which it isn’t. All in all, this is a solid product and one I use often.
MeaghanWales, WI

people need to learn

This is a fantastic product. It seems those of us who are professionals in the business of fine food understand this product more. It is a enzyme that naturally occurs in animals. many people probably have eaten it in the past without even knowing it, (I.E pressed ham, in your ham sandwich) One crazy review actually claimed that real meat isn’t red, and gave the product 1 star…..as someone who used to be a butcher who has broken down whole animals i find this amusing how misinformed some people are. So to quote a previous review People who don’t understand this product are ignorant.
ShaniquaCrane, TX

This can be had much cheaper! AND IN SMALLER QUANTITIES!

great place to find meat glue amongst other modernist staples in easy to deal with quantities. Great prices, excellent service and some pretty cool specials to boot.



TameikaMilltown, MT

Guns don’t kill people. Shady meat producers do.

This product is not inherently evil, despite what the reactionist one-star reviewers would have you think. It is used by the finest restaurants to create unique cuts of meat. When you eat pasta made from shrimp or a filet of duck and rabbit meat, you know they where fused. Europe banded it not because it’s unsafe, on the contrary they found it safe, but because it can mislead consumers. europeans are more into real food than us, like raw milk cheese, preservative free bread, and beverages lightly sweeter with real sugar. If you doubt this, ask a european what they think of chicken nuggets with cheese on wonder bread with a 46oz coke, yuck! While I can understand why some people would find gluing meat strange, there is no cause for this outrage. There are tons of thing that the meat industry in this country does that actually endanger our health and violate basic tenants of human compassion. Meat glue is not one of them. Please, stop posting one star reviews on a product you have never tried, and if you must, don’t use straw man justification to prove that a natural product is dangerous. Truth is, frankenmeat and imitation crab are wrong not because they are dangerous but because, like much of our food today, they are sold to perpetuate the American notion that meat should be so cheap that it becomes the basis of every meal. So only buy good meat, and eat less of it. I, however, like using the product to attach a thick strip of bacon to a prime filet, and there is no scientific basis that that is dangerous.
OwenStockton, IA