AKC Bone Beefhide Mini Knotted Bones – 35 Pack –

AKC beefhide mini knotted bones are a safe, all natural chew treat for dogs. Mini Beefhide knotted bones promote strong teeth and gums and help to control tartar and plaque build up. AKC knotted bones are a great way to reward your dog for good behavior or prevent boredom. Use the knotted bones to play fetch. Good for small dogs

Quick facts

  • Made from 100% REAL Beefhide
  • 3″ Each; 35 Pack
  • Promotes strong teeth and gums
  • Helps control tartar
  • Rewarding Treat

Top reviews

3 Stars for Poorly Represented in Picture- For Teacup Breeds!!

With two, 5 month old Golden Retriever puppies (and an 8 year old), I was looking for a bag of raw hides at a good price. I realize that the description states 2.5″, however the picture makes the bones look like tightly knotted, “normal” sized bones – they are not. They are tiny, almost see-through and take up HALF the length of my palm, and are skinny. The pups devoured the entire bag in less then a week (they were given other treats as well.) I swear when I gave them the first one, they looked at me like “are you kidding??” Lesson learned. If you have a teacup breed, these are the bones for you (that is if teacup breeds even eat raw-hides)!!
JaninaWendover, UT

Service Dogs deserve treats

If you are looking for a special treat for your special dog, then I believe this produce will fill the need for a small mouth dog.
PatrickWillard, OH

My 4 dogs love the mini-bones

I had been buying the same mini-bones from Amazon when they were sold under the Milkbone brand name. When I couldn’t find that brand anymore, I started buying the AKC brand.
Since the smell of the AKC bones were different, my dogs wouldn’t eat them. Now I dip them in milk first and they love them.
I’m glad the small bones were not discontinued since they are beefhide and are easy to chew.
HeribertoMount Pleasant, MS