Alaska Smokehouse 16 oz Natural Smoked Salmon 2 Pack

Our Alaska Smokehouse Salmon is a traditionally smoked fillet of Wild Alaskan Salmon, packaged in a foil pouch to make it shelf stable. Brined in just sea salt and water, then hot smoked for hours over an alder wood fire, this salmon contains no preservatives, coloring, oils or artificial ingredients. Since it is hot smoked (unlike lox, which is cold smoked), it is a fully cooked fillet of salmon and requires no refrigeration until after it is opened. Perfect as an appetizer when entertaining guests. Wild Alaskan Salmon is rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and certified sustainable.

Quick facts

  • All Natural Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon NOT Farmed Raised
  • Hot Smoked using a traditional Native American Recipe
  • Naturally High Protein
  • Get 32oz of Smoked Salmon for the price of 16oz!
  • Free Ground Shipping on All Orders over $40

Top reviews

Not what I expected~ sigh~

I am used to the Norwegian COLD smoked salmon, still rather clear in color, on the raw side.. ya know. Lox.
I think i might have not read into this correctly, but the items came, far from expectation. They feel and taste like canned salmon. The vacuum seal packed in the flavors, I guess. The oil preserved the salmon well, but it was salty and taste overcooked. I cannot tell if it’s smoked or just cooked till dry.

I won’t order again. But i can see how this would be called smoked salmon. I guess on the good side, i am an innovative cook, so smoked salmon pasta here we come! I think these would go well in dips too.

Just not what i wanted.

NikoleLyme, NH

Not what you might expect

I considered the positive reviews posted when I ordered this product so I gave it a try as other people found it good. I eat quite a bit of smoked Mahi, Mullet, Salmon and kingfish from my local smoke house in So. Fla. and think that I have a decerning taste when it comes to “good smoked fish” but I’m sorry to say that this Alaska Smokehouse product is the nastiest foul smelling Salmon once taken out of the foil package that contains the nasty smelling juices that if by chance go down your kitchen sink drain your in for a treat to remove the funk that will emit from your sink trap. The Salmon was very soft and mushy with just a slight hint of smoke. Couldnt tell if it was brined but by the way it just falls into little mushy globs I think it was a chemical wash. I would think that this is a production line product with very little “by hand ” or human interaction combined with many short cuts taken. The box is nice to keep your fishing lures in but its made in China for cripes sake! I mean this product comes from the N.W. and they make the box in China?? Bottom line is DONT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY on this product as you might as well go purchase a $3.00 can at your grocer and throw a couple drops of “liquid smoke” on it and you’d more than likely have a better product. I would have given this to my cat but was worried how he would digest it so rather than take the chance of a vet visit I bageed it in a few zip lock bags one inside the other as to seal in the disgusting meily smelly funk and put in a trash can down the street!
CarylonPowhatan, WV

Excellent Smoked Salmon

This was fantastic smoked salmon, and the quantity was generous compared to
other on-line smoked salmon retailers.
TerraBlue Lake, CA

Not the kind of smoked salmon I wanted.

I thought I was going to be getting “lox” (which is the only way I like to eat salmon), so I was very disappointed when I opened the package and realized that this was a different kind of smoking. So, if you’re looking for lox, don’t buy this; it’s not prepared the same way. Others will probably find this fish very tasty…It just wasn’t what I wanted. The packaging is very good too.
LeopoldoWileyville, WV

Great product, great company

I ordered this for my brother for Christmas. I have not had a lot of smoked salmon, but he loves it, so I was going in w/ little experience.

The first associate I spoke with very graciously explained the differences between wet and dry smoked salmon—all news to me—and how his product was prepared and packaged. I ordered it and yes, it was a huge hit with my brother. He said it was excellent.

In the meantime, I had mistakenly placed a second order in ordering other things from Amazon. My fault. I notified Amazon, and notified Alaska Smokehouse, and was immediately sent confirmation that the second order had been deleted. However, I did receive the second oder of smoked salmon, although it never showed up on my credit card statement.

I called Alaska Smokehouse to ask how to return the second order and they graciously said to keep the salmon, and please enjoy it as a thank you for being a customer.

The same brother had a birthday in January, so I sent the second order to him along w/ the story and he was impressed and delighted. He said at Christmas he had to share, but this time around his salmon was a “protected species”!

Great product, great service….what more could one ask for????

ShanaeElkton, VA

Smokey and Natrual

This smoked salmon comes in a sealed, metalized pouch. There are two pouches in the pretty cardboard box. Each pouch needs to be refrigerated when opened, but the unopened (second) pouch keeps at room temperature. Each pouch contains nearly a whole fish. It is filleted and boneless, but it still looks like a fish. The skin is on one side. I like the skin and it is totally edible. If you don’t want the skin, it is easy to peel off. Thus, you can serve the fish flesh side up, or skin side up, depending on how you want it to appear. The fish is smoked and flakey. It is NOT like some smoked salmon or lox sold in grocery stores — which comes in thin, bright “salmon colored” slices. This fish is not sliced, but flakes very easily, a bit like a high quality canned tuna. I find it great for sandwiches, but you have to smoosh it down on the bread with a fork or it will be too thick. You can put it in salads or an omelette, but you will have flakey pieces, not solid slices. The fish has a wonderful smokey aroma and taste. It is also fishy in both smell and taste, but a “nice fishy,” not the unpleasant fishy smell that most people think of when you tell them something smells “fishy.” This is clearly a more natural “fish like” product that the more processed smoked salmon or lox usually sold in deli’s. I thought the quality, texture and flavor were outstanding, and I an pretty picky about my fish and seafood. So, I rate if five stars on all counts. But you should understand the product you are getting.
MaryanneMillerton, IA

Too good – my wife couldn’t stop eating it

Bought this as a gift for my wife, and she absolutely, totally loved it. She couldn’t stop eating it. Seriously – she had to keep going back for little nibbles. She loved it straight. She loved it on crackers. She just totally loves it…

It’s a really nice big piece of fish too… This is going to be a staple for her birthdays from now on.

EldonBelgrade, MO

Great Seller! & Delicious Fish

I purchased this on sale for my Dad and Mom’s gourmet dinner that my sister and I were making for their 24th wedding anniversary. It was the perfect centerpiece for the meal. Best of all, no cooking required. We did roast it for about 10 minutes in the oven and it tasted better warm/semi-hot. DELICIOUS…my Dad said he’d never had salmon this delicious. Seller was very accommodating for our shipping requests, too! Thank you!! Would recommend this purchase to anyone.
RochellOld Glory, TX

a pleaser

we sent this to my mom for a christmas present. she and her husband loved it. she would have told me if their were any complaints so i believed that it was good fish although i didn’t eat any myself. they eat alot of fine food so they have good taste. i would buy from this brand again.
ArianeCanterbury, CT