Alba Botanica Green Tea Sunblock SPF 45, 4 Ounce

Hawaiian Green Tea SPF 45 Sunscreen by Alba Botanica 4 oz Cream Hawaiian Green Tea SPF 45 Sunscreen 4 oz Cream Signature ingredient Green tea has long been recognized for its remarkable regenerative antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Product description This botanically moisturizing natural sunscreen provides broad spectrum UVA UVB protection as defined by the FDA. Made with preferred sunscreen ingredients this revitalizing lotion is non-greasy quick-absorbing very water resistant (80 minutes) and perfect for daily wear. Aloe vera green tea and sunflower seed oil absorb quickly and effectively to nourish sun-exposed skin. Paraben Free. Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Features and benefits Water resistant Paraben Free Long-lasting UVA UVB protection Skin Cancer Foundation Recommendation Fast-absorbing lightweight formula with light fresh scent Certified organic Aloe Vera and tropical fruit and oil extracts blended for their curative and rejuvenating skin benefits

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im one of those bone white people and i recently went to hawaii with my family and not a big fan of tanning but i have to admit i would def feel comfortable laying out in the sun with this lotion. the whole month i didnt burn once and i get sunburned just standing outside for 20 minutes and its not greesy and made my skin smell lovely(like a cup of green tea with jasmine) and very soft i didnt feel like i had to take a shower after wearing this lotion all day like with most
RobbinWinter Springs, FL

The most perfect sunscreen ever

This sunscreen is great. I have sensitive skin and need to wear sunscreen daily because of my acne regimen. I use Alba Hawaiian SPF 30+ on my face every day underneath makeup, and I absolutely love it. It has a light, non-greasy, almost whipped texture, which absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any residue. It has never irritated my skin, clogged my pores, or made me break out. The scent is a mild green tea/floral fragrance; it doesn’t smell at all like typical sunscreen. Additionally, I love its high SPF rating (30), when so many facial sunscreens only give you SPF 15 or 20. Best of all, Alba doesn’t test on animals, and this product contains no animal ingredients.

A few months ago, my tube of Alba Hawaiian ran out. Wanting to see what else was out there, I tried another natural sunscreen (Aubrey Organics Natural Sun SPF 25) just for kicks, to see if I liked it better. Ugh, I hated it! It smelled bad, came out of the tube separated as oil and goop, and — worst of all — left a chalky residue on my skin (fine for beach-going, but not on my face underneath makeup). I ordered another tube of Alba Hawaiian that very day and have never looked back.

Highly recommended for those who want a sunscreen that is literally perfect!

ChereCrawford, TN

Alba Hawaiian Natural Sunblock with Green Tea, SPF 45 4 fl oz (113 g)

Has a nice fresh smell, makes my face glow but on days when my skin is feeling particularly oily not good. Doesn’t have a mask-y effect. Good sunblock except if I use it even near my eyes(i need sunblock around my eyes, especially under), they will at random later on in the day, just start watering profusely, you can’t even keep them open for a sec. Unfortunately I found this out while I was driving. Other sunblocks used near my eyes did not do this.
JennieChantilly, VA


This sunscreen is absolutely AMAZING! I have very fair, freckled, skin that burns very easily. I had tried every sunscreen out there with SPFs that ranged from 15spf to 80spf and even with the 80spf (reapplying 6-8 times in 8 hours) I would burn. But when I used this for the first time I was blown away! I love the beach and the pool and even going in and out of the water all day long and only reapplying once or twice I didn’t get burned! This is now the only sunscreen I will use.
MarvaHouston, TX

Can’t stand the smell

Don’t get this product if you have scent allergies or scent sensitivity. The smell is overpowering. The product does go on smoothly and there are no white streaks.
GarfieldCulbertson, MT

Love the sunscreen but is not organic

I have used the safe Alba Botanica Kids sunblock 30 on and off for a year now and am happy that it has no chemicals (or toxic ones) and rated a good 2 on the EWG database. So I foolishly bought this brand without checking the database or ingredients assuming it was the same but with more protection. Now that I have it, I noticed that it also has 10% Homosalate and Octocrylene, and now checked the database to discover the alarming 6 rating. Damn!! But I do love the smell, protection, and the lack of parabens. I am terrified of parabens, so I will keep using this until I run out but stick with Alba Bontanica Kids afterwards.

I have been using sunscreen religiously for the past 12 years 365 days of the year and of course previously used all the chemical sunscreens before I/we knew about the nasty chemicals. I have lots of hormonal issues and a fibroid which makes me wonder if some of my products have contributed. So I will keep my trial and error with products and make sure that I do not buy any more hormonal disrupters, xenoestrogens, and cancer aids such as parabens. Alba Bonanica seems to be the going the right direction with some of their products, but this one could improve.

ElisaWoodridge, IL

I’d buy it again

I didn’t get much use out of this before the warm weather left us, but the use I did get was satisfactory. I didn’t get burned despite prolonged sun exposure, and it held up well in water and sweat as advertised. It’s a relatively inexpensive and effective sunscreen that is vegan. Not much else I can really ask for in a sunscreen.
HughRock, KS