Albanese Gummi Cherry Rings, 1.5 LB


Quick facts

  • Made in USA
  • Fat Free

Top reviews

Best Gummi Candy Ever!

I had a sample at the Albanese factory in Indiana, and this is the best gummy candy they had. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the other candy like the gummy bears and stuff but this was the tastiest one ever!!! I recommend this candy to anyone that likes sweet stuff.
KandiBattle Creek, NE

Very Good

Not the best gummy rings out there. They are very good though. If you are a hater of sweet don’t get them ;). I myself have little to complain about. Huge gummy ring fan. Buy them and enjoy!
WalkerBidwell, OH

melted alien blob

I ordered these along with some of the sour bears to try from this Albanese brand. I received a box of melted candy that was unrecognizable. It was warm still in Arizona in September, but this was something you would expect to happen to chocolate candy but not to gummi rings or bears. Be warned if you order this brand in warm months you may open the box to find a scary looking surprise. This has never happened to me with the Haribo brand so I will stick to those from now on. Amazon did refund the price, they are great about that if you call them up and whine a little.
BurtonColeville, CA