Albanese Jet Fighters Assorted, 5-Pound Bags

albanese gummi candies, 5-pound bag is the world’s fastest gummi’s and they look just like real jet airplanes! In assorted colors and flavors, these “sound-breaking” gummies are lots of fun! Look for these amazing military aircraft. Albanese, A pasion for great food.

Quick facts

  • Bag contains 5 pounds of Gummy Jets Candy
  • Look just like real jet airplanes
  • Product of U.S.A.

Top reviews

Look like jets…taste like jet fuel

I guess I have developed somewhat rarified tastes for gummy candies after sampling any number of Haribo products from Amazon. Most of those experimental purchases were a success, so when these jet planes turned up at an unbelievable sale price, I couldn’t resist. Regrettably I was really repelled by these. The soft texture was agreeable, but they had a decidedly nasty, synthetic, plastic-y taste—unlike the Haribo products, which seem to all have fruity, pleasant flavors. Quickly donated all ten pounds of them to my office co-workers, who will eat anything.
MieshaSearles, MN


These were an immediate hit with my 2 year old daughter and an even bigger success with my 3 1/2 year old son. Several different plane shapes and color choices. I tried several and they tasted good. Another then having no redeeming nutritional value what so ever they are a great buy at this price and weight.
EdmondSchaumburg, IL

Other Albanese gummies have looked and tasted much better.

I’ve really liked some of the other Albanese gummi products, but these were a big disappointment, both in looks and taste. You’ll have to trust me about the taste – not good. As for the looks, I posted a photo so people can see that they look nothing like the product image. It’s not just Amazon’s mistake, either; the photo on the Albanese web site shows a much more colorful product. Stick with the bears, I guess.
PokSaddle River, NJ