Albanese Ripe Watermelon Bear, 5-Pound Bags

Albanese gummi candies, 5-pound bag is a product of Albanese confectionery has become renowned for our technical expertise in the use of vitamins, nutraceuticals, and other actives in conjunction with confections. This highly specialized expertise has allowed us to work with many contract manufacturing customers. From formulation through manufacturing, Albanese has become the “go-to” company in our field. Albanese, A pasion for great food.

Quick facts

  • Packaged bag of 5-pounds
  • Highly specialized expertise has allowed us to work with many contract manufacturing customers
  • Technical expertise in the use of vitamins, nutraceuticals

Top reviews

Watermelon BEARS

The picture at the time of this review is incorrect, so I uploaded my own. I thought I was ordering watermelon rings, but received the gummy bears. Oh well, it does say BEARS in the description and wasn’t worth returning, so I opened one of the bags and tried some. Now I wish I hadn’t.

Immediately they tasted unpleasant, but vaguely familiar. It sounds strange but they taste like sour grass lawn clippings. Okay so I ate weird things as a kid, but now I have a bad aftertaste that won’t go away.

I guess I’ll give them to my neighbor’s kids, they should love them.

VivienneFrankenmuth, MI


Ok, so I wondered how “watermelony” these would be and if we’d like them…after all, there are 10 lbs of them here! I needn’t have worried. We only just got these within the past couple weeks and we have opened and are half-thru the second 5 lb bag!! They are soft but not smooshy, they are juicy and frankly, taste a LOT like Jolly Rancher watermelon candy! So if you like those, you’ll love these.
TiannaPort Richey, FL

Hard-to-find watermelon flavor in a gummy candy

My son loves gummies and Jolly Rancher watermelon flavor, so this was a hit with him. Good watermelon flavor and you get 10 lbs., which will last for quite some time.
TieshaShonto, AZ


Bought these somewhere else……drat! for much more!
These have a wonderful watermelon flavor…..Albanese Bears are great, any flavor.
BUT my real gripe……..BY LAW food items can not be returned………Amazon is very
honorable with “returns – whatever you wants”
So when I see this “guess I’m stuck with it”…….geezlouise folks…..ASK FIRST!
MarietteBlackwood, NJ


Yummo, Yummo, Yummo!! All the gummies from the Albanese Factory are great tasting, soft, gummy, juicy… These are the only people I buy gummies from!
VanettaBretz, WV