Albers Yellow Corn Meal, 40-Ounce Boxes

Albers yellow and white corn meal are essential ingredients to prepare everything from sweet corn bread and corn muffins to fried fish and chicken. About Albers: Continental Mills purchased the Alber’s Brands from Nestle. With its roots returned to the Pacific Northwest, as part of the Continental Mills family of brands, Alber’s provides the highest quality corn meal and grits for generations to come.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 4, 40-ounce boxes of yellow corn meal mix (total 160 ounces)
  • The great taste and unique texture comes from using only the most premium corn and a special milling process
  • Albers has been a west coast favorite for over 100 years and we know it will be your favorite too

Top reviews

The Very Best

I have been using Alber’s Yellow Corn Meal for about 40 years. I have their recipe for cornbread memorized as it is the best, most pure cornbread I have ever eaten. After moving to the south and not being able to find it I began going through a withdrawal. I tried all different kinds of “corn meal”, which, being in the south usually meant more of a “corn FLOUR”! I was eating cakie, heavy cornbread and couldn’t stand it. It was in desperation that I checked Amazon and found that I could order my very favorite! Now I have to admit that 4-40 oz boxes is a bit much for 2 old people but I put 2 boxes in the freezer and gave one to my daughter who declared that it made the best cornbread she had ever had also. (She had forgotten the cornbread of her youth!) So, if you are looking for the best, most pure and authentic cornbread ever, stop messing around the cheap copies and get the real thing – Albers!
DanicaTerra Ceia, FL