Alessi Soup

Alessi Soup. Just heat, simmer and serve. Choose from 6 varieties. 6oz. pack gives 8, 1 cup servings. Product of Italy.

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Terrific chicken noodle soup discovery – easy to make too,

Thank goodness, it’s soup season again. The Alessi chicken noodle soup mix makes preparing a delicious soup a breeze. The mix is chock full of very good noodles and vegetables in an excellent broth. I added a generous cup of cubed, already cooked chicken strips to up the protein content for a full meal. Serve the soup plus a salad with some really good bread, and you’re good to go. This mix puts the big name brands to shame.
JeramyBlencoe, IA

Best Dried Chicken Noodle Soup on the Market

This soup puts all other dried soups to shame. It is absolutely delicious. It reminds me of Boston Market Chicken Noodle Soup and up until now, this was my standard of comparision for all Chicken Noodle Soups. I did add some cooked chicken to the soup after it was cooked, but is was tasty and hearty even without it. The noodles cook up nice and firm and are not pasty like some tend to be. They are nice broad noodles that have a good mouth-feel. Enjoy!
DorcasMount Pleasant, TX

Alessi Sicilian Chicken Soup

My wife and I first tried the Alessi Chicken Soup two years ago. It is delicious and simple to make. And it is easy on the budget since it makes enough for 4 adult people. We usually add a little chicken to the mix and maybe some extra peas and onions to taste. With or without additions, it is a tasty wholesome soup. We’re always surprised at how big and plump the noodles become after cooking.
MarcoMiddlebourne, WV


oh my mamas i need some right now. i could live off of this soup, and i bought it by pure accident. luckiest soup encounter of my life.
MistiCarrollton, TX

I never eat soup, but I wont pass up this!

I hardly ever eat soup due to not liking it that much. This soup however is amazing in taste, quality, and quantity. I actually enjoy eating it! Plus when you compare it to a can of Progresso chicken soup for 2.00$ (where I live) this is about the same price and you get over 4 times the amount of soup.
VictorinaShasta, CA

sicilian chicken soup

I really enjoy this soup. It is not salty and makes a very good lunch. Not homemade but good.
KarlynBogota, NJ


I needed a replacement soup mix for a function I work at. The old supplier will not sell in our small quantity. (20 gal) I purchased this mix as a trial with others. This one lost. I was weak in flavor. It did not have much chicken pieces in it. (common problem with mixes.
CyrusOtisville, NY

Excellent soup mix.

Excellent soup mix, even better when you “doctor” it up with your own vegetables and chicken. The best store bought soup mix there is.
MyronCarnegie, OK

Chicken Soup

Love Love this soup. I don’t put as much water as it calls for so I get a much richer chicken stock flavor. I buy this often
MadieHeber City, UT

Very pleasant

My husband loves this soup. We add things to it to thicken it up and also use less water.
HilmaWhitehouse, TX

Delicious soup

This soup was very close in taste to home made. It made a very large amount too! I added some left over chicken I had and served it with crusty bread and a salad. It was plenty for my husband (who is a big eater) and I. I will definitely be buying this again.
EsterGolden Meadow, LA

just okay

just okay. i bought a case of these but only ate one. a bit too much sodium for me.
MarxNorth Berwick, ME