Alessi Whole Black Peppercorns, 1.34-Ounce Grinders

Alessi Black Peppercorn are packed in our unique, easy-to- use Tip n’ Grind glass bottles. Cleverly designed with a grinder built in, simply invert bottle and twist cap in the direction of the arrow. Freshly ground spices retain more of the precious oils lost in pre-ground forms. Enjoy, top quality sundried, freshly ground peppercorns and savor the robust flavor, and bold fruity flavor anytime. Perfect for your home R.V. or picnic table. It’s uses are limitless.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six grinders (total 8.04 ounces)

Top reviews

Very Handy

I enjoy fresh ground pepper, who wouldn’t. This innoative product allows that. There are however, two very minor drawbacks, but not serious enough to keep me from buying this producct again. There is no way to adjust the grind for fine, or coarse. Lastly, it is very difficult to turn the grinder because it’s small, and I can’t get a good grip on it.
MohammedBucksport, ME

Sometimes simple is better

I love freshly ground pepper and especially love a little kick that having red peppercorns in a mix provide, so I normally use Alessi Whole Mix Peppercorns, 1.12-Ounce Grinder (Pack of 6). There are times, however, when all I want is freshly ground black pepper, like when I am having vine-ripened tomatoes, insalada Caprese, and the such. That’s where this product comes in.

The peppercorns are high quality and give off a nice aroma when ground. Like its more colorful sibling, the grinding mechanism tends to produce very coarse pepper, so if you prefer yours to be finer, a dedicated grinder may better suit your needs. I have had no problems with the grinding mechanism – I use a clockwise-counterclockwise motion and it works well. Too well if I am not careful because it will grind a lot of pepper with minimal motion. It does not clog like some dedicated grinders, which is another plus.

This is a convenient way to enjoy fresh ground pepper, and – in my opinion – is priced low considering that the grinder is disposable and I get nearly nine months of use from a package of six of these.

I always have one on my table (in the kitchen I use a dedicated grinder that allows me to adjust the grind.)

TroyCumberland, RI