Alive & Radiant Kale Krunch, Chocolate, 2.2 Ounce

Healthy snacking is here! Made with raw, organic veggies, fruits, and nuts, Alive & Radiant products offer enlightenment to snackers everywhere. Open your mouth and say, “Ommm.” Chocolate Kale Krunch features heirloom cacao powder mixed with pumpkin seeds and kissed with coconut palm sugar. Kids love it!

Quick facts

  • Chockalott Kale Krunch features an anti-oxidant rich heirloom cacao powder mixed with pumpkin seeds and kissed with coconut palm sugar
  • In each bag you’ll find full kale leaves that have been dehydrated for a satisfying crunch that even kids will love
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Dehydrated, not baked or fried

Top reviews

ChoKALEt Chips

I was leary to try these because I always get the Cheezy Kale chips or Herbal Kale Chips and love them. But today I really wanted chocolate and they looked so good. They were also ready to eat as is, which was appealing because my other choice was a raw cacao treat in a jar or a bar–which was a lot more expensive. I also would have wanted to add some sweetener to the jar product.

I tasted them right there in the store and added one more bag immediately to my purchase because they were so perfect. It’s the coconut sugar which is part of the incredible flavor.

They really do give the satisfaction of the old familiar “Tollhouse” I used to eat. They have thick coating of crystallized chocolate which is sweetened to perfection by the new coconut sugar products out there. The pink salt and vanilla are perfectly balanced.

Addendum: MUST TRY … I put these chocolate melt-in-your-mouth crunchies on TOP of my cacao bliss as a topping. I fantasized about putting them on Bishops I-Scream …

NieshaSugar Grove, VA


Since I’ve mostly ever tried or made savory kale chips, at first glance the idea of chocolate flavored chips disgusted me. I was picking up a bag of the zesty ranch kind(on an empty stomach) and was craving chocolate, so I grabbed it on the off-chance that it would be edible. What a surprise! These are truly delicious, and really crunchy. Moreso than the savory flavors, in fact.
The combo was chocolate-y and a bit nutty (the kale, I’m sure) in flavor, and totally satisfied my craving for sweets without resorting to something with high-fructose corn syrup or some other chemical ingredient I’d be unable to pronounce. Came to amazon to buy a cart load for evenings when I want a bite of something sweet after dinner. Dessert packed with nutrients? Genius.
LissaTalmage, NE

Chockalet Chip – cute play on words and yumm

I had purchased 2 bags of the pressed kale chips made by Kai foods. There was an issue with the chips and the vendor was just so sweet and sent me 2 bags of the new stuff. One of the bags was Chockalet Chip.

I wasn’t really sure if chocolate would go with kale… but I LOVE kale so I was like, ahhh why not?

First I have to say that the new Kale Krunch is made using the full kale leaves. This alone is a huge improvement over the pressed chips in both the visual appeal and the mouth feel and taste. These chips do actually crunch…

Each bag is 2.2 ounces and a serving is 1 ounce. Honestly, this is a snack to be enjoyed. Take the time to fully enjoy the flavor of the chip and all the notes as you eat it.

As I savor a piece I can fully taste the rich kale flavor covered in chocolate via organic cocoa butter and organic cocoa powder. These two flavors are prominent and complement each other. The chocolate is a dark chocolate that is smooth and rich without being bitter or at the point where only avid dark chocolate lovers would enjoy the flavor. It is more mild than sharp, and as stated above it does not overpower the kale… the kale also does not overpower it, rather they are equals in this taste partnership. At the finish of the chip is a nice sweetness with a hint of vanilla.

This is a crisp savory chip with a light sweet finish. There is salt, but it isn’t salty. There is sugar but it isn’t sweet, except the nice light sweet finish.

Chockalet Chip Kale Krunch is made to be both healthy and a delicious experience. Yes, it is pricey, which makes me want to play around and try and make my own… but omg my mouth is telling me that I am quickly developing an addiction that is going to lead me towards kale seeking tendencies by the time I reach the bottom of this bag.

The changes at Kaia foods are positive thus far, at least as far as this chip is concerned. They got it soooo right that I am excited to see what they might do next… that and I can’t wait to try the other bag they sent me, Quite Cheezy Kale Krunch.

BobbieSaint Paul, AR

Not For Me

I had high hopes for this product after seeing it on “The Doctors”. I think I should have tried fresh kale beforehand. I did not like the taste at all. It’s hard to describe, but I would have to force myself to finish the bag.
MarceloLinthicum Heights, MD

best kale-chip flavor!

I have tasted a number of different kale chips, and I must say this is the very best out of all of them. If you love chocolate, you’ll love these! It satisfies a sweet-tooth craving for sure!!
DeidreSummitville, OH