Almond Dream Almond Drink, Original, 64 Ounce

Almond Dream non-dairy beverages offer an added benefit over other non-dairy almond-based beverages. Delicious and creamy Almond Dream provides an excellent source of antioxidants, Vitamins A and E, and is fortified with Vitamins B12, D, and calcium. Almond Dream beverages have a light, refreshing taste and the innovative shelf-stable packaging ensures that it will stay fresh in your pantry for up to a year. Have it chilled or warmed any time of the day. Drink Almond Dream by the glass, pour on your morning cereal, or use in your favorite recipes.

Quick facts

  • Non-dairy beverage made with real almonds and evaporated cane syrup
  • Perfect for those with a dairy intolerance
  • Enriched with antioxidant Vitamins A and E, Vitamins B12 and D, and calcium
  • Gluten free
  • Certified kosher parve

Top reviews

Awful taste

My fiancee and I have been testing out alternatives to regular milk. I like regular milk, but she does not (though this wasn’t the only considered factor). We both enjoy soy milk and Whole Foods 365 almond milk. So we figured we would also like the Dream brand as well since we had a coupon. Regrettably, the Almond Dream milk is the worst milk I have ever tasted. Even regular milk that has gone a little off doesn’t bother me, and milk that has certainly gone off still isn’t this bad. I’m not a picky milk person. We are pouring the rest of this milk down the drain.

I will consider the possibility that the milk we purchased is bad, in which case there is a quality control issue for what is a very expensive product. I’ll pass on this brand in the future.

JaunitaGillett, AR


I am moving to a location where I am not sure that I can buy this for my daughter and was hoping to find it here but that is insane!! The price here is unreal!! Why would I pay this when it would be cheaper elsewhere like the others said its only $2-3 a box. I am bummed. Great product horrible price!
WondaHillsboro, IA

It’s pretty good

My 1 and 3 year old like it in their cereal. We’re trying to avoid too much dairy because it isn’t very good for you. You can look up stuff on “no milk” to find out more. We still have some cheese and stuff but we cut out all cow milk. I decided to find an alternative with some protein and other nutrients to boost my kids cereal in the morning. I have tried it and there is no way I could ever drink it straight but it is fine mixed in other things. I’ve tried it in oatmeal and liked it.

I’m trying to get my 1 year old used to it. He has drank it plain a bit and doesn’t love it but will drink a bit of it. He’s still transitioning from breastmilk though so it may take a bit. I think he will end up liking it more over time.

It’s only around $3.75 or so for a half gallon at another place I shop.

QuintonPiedmont, WV


This is actually 12 cartons at 32 oz each, not 8 cartons at 64 oz each. That’s 25% less almond milk. Luckily, Amazon was kind enough to refund me 25% of my purchase price but I wish they’d update the information on this product…
JacintoWest Finley, PA


I want so badly to make my almond milk, so while I’m still working on my “craft” I buy it in the meantime. My kids love Rice Dream, so I figured it was time to give this a try, too. I’ve bought other brands of almond in milk in the past and this is the best so far! Pacific tastes like almond-flavored sugar water, Almond Breeze was quite good, but Almond Dream blows them both away! Its very creamy and flavorful, but not too overly sweet. My only disappointment is in the price on Amazon; I buy it at a notoriously expensive health food store for only 2.59/quart.
EileneFelt, OK


Even though Amazon warns that ingredients should be confirmed at the manufacturer’s website, don’t count on accuracy there.

The product I received contained Soy, which sometimes results in a serious allergic reaction for me.

This wasn’t listed as an ingredient at the website, nor was Carrageenan, which some might find undesirable in their food.

Unless you don’t care about ingredients that you can’t confirm, before purchasing, TAKE A PASS ON THIS PRODUCT!!

As an aside, Amazon was completely sympathetic and helpful in refunding my full purchase.

One can only hope that Amazon will take steps to tighten up the process, so that mail order consumers will be able to determine what they are buying, before they press the purchase button.

AhmadAkutan, AK