ALO Enliven Aloe Plus12 Fruits and Vegetables — 16.9 fl oz

Cram all the good stuff from 12 refreshing fruits and vegetables into a single bottle, including real aloe vera chock full of vitamins and essential amino acids, and you get ALO Enliven – a perfect blend of fruits, vegetables, and aloe vera that is sure to energize your every step! Enliven your senses with ALO Enliven.

Quick facts

  • Alo Enliven, Fruits & Vegetables
  • Juice

Top reviews

This stuff is nasty

I love the Alo line of fruit juices, but this stuff is just nasty. It tastes like the borscht my mom used to make me eat when I was a kid. I thought I’d be getting something similar to a V8 Splash, but that’s just not the case. The cooked cabbage flavor just overwhelms the beverage, and I couldn’t even finish half the bottle.

I have to strain the Alo pulp with any of the Alo juices I drink because having floaties in my beverages triggers a gag reflex for me. But in this case, the gag reflex was triggered even with the Alo pulp strained.

I’ll be ordering more Alo juices in the future, but definitely not this one.

ColbySweetser, IN

Too Much Pulp

This juice tastes great and would be a wonderful way to get some healthful Aloe. Unfortunately, there is way too much pulp for my preferences. I feel as if I am eating rather than drinking this product.
AnnabelleLivingston, CA