Aloe Vera King Juice, Original, 16.9-Ounce Bottles

Aloe Vera King original juice comes in 16.9 ounce bottle. This product contains high content of calcium and vitamins for health and beauty. Aloe Vera King juice especially contains plenty of pulp, so it is a healthy drink that has special effect on antibiotic function, constipation, fatigue recovery, effective skin supplement, digestion disability, alopecia prevention, antidote, good metabolism function. OKF produced healthy beverages and foods since 1990. “Natural and organic” is core concept of OKF products.

Quick facts

  • Made with organic Aloe Vera, organic crane sugar, and honey
  • Contains the highest amount of Aloe Vera in the industry
  • Internationally awarded for the taste and the quality
  • Made from all natural ingredients

Top reviews

Aloe Vera King Juice – in a glass bottle – delicious!

I tried a small 250ml glass bottle of this original flavor of Aloe Vera King Juice while on a recent trip to Europe. I really loved the flavor, and brought the empty bottle back with me to try and find it here in the US. Unfortunately, I have only been able to find it in these plastic bottles, which concern me. Lipton Ice Tea in glass bottles tastes nothing like the same tea in their plastic bottles. Their plastic bottles impart a weird flavor, and I will never buy it again that way. There have been so many health problems associated with plastic bottles. It’s a shame that a health drink should be so difficult to find in a simple glass bottle – as in Europe.
GarthBradley, MI

Tried first bottle of OKF at Trader Joe’s

I’ve had a lot of stomach issues for about the last 10 years. Last 5 considerably worsening each year. Daily nausea, excessive gas and constipation. Overall generally not feeling well at all. Our first trip to Trader Joe’s (Health food grocery store) I saw this product and thought I’d try it. Had exceptional relief for several days. It tastes awesome and I’m extremely picky about tastes. So have been trying to see if I could find it less expensive and closer to me. Hurray. Success!!!
MichelHickman, KY

Great taste and healthy too!

I tried this product in Costa Rica where its very popular and loved it. So far I’ve had 6 friends try it and we’re all trying to find it in local stores. Its tastes great and calms down my acid reflex!! A winner!
DebbiHiawatha, KS