Alta Valle Scrivia Pappardelle Genovesi

Pappardelle are a wide pasta, almost a thin lasagna. The classic dish this pasta is used with in Italy is “Pappardelle alla Lepre”, or with a wild rabbit and tomato sauce. Taste, texture and smoothness makes Alta Valle Scrivia’s dumpling-like pasta one of

Quick facts

  • Pack of three, 1.1 ounce (total of 3.3 ounce)
  • Great taste, texture and smoothness
  • Imported by Italian harvest

Top reviews

Exactly what I was looking for!

My wife and I ate at an Italian Restaurant in Carmel California while on vactation and we ordered a dish that had this pasta. The waitress told me what kind of pasta it was and I looked it up on Amazon as soon as I got back home. This pasta works really well with heavy sauces and was not limp or broken. I found a recipe for Bolognese sauce by Rachael Ray and it turned out perfect. Much better with the wide pasta instead of spaghetti or standard fettuccini.
GregoriaLucinda, PA

Limp Noodles

Didn’t work for me at all; a world away in firmness and flavor from, let’s say, Garofalo pappardelle. Also, many of the “twists” were broken when they arrived via Amazon.
DaniellaEdwards, MO