Altoids Smalls Sugar Free Cinnamon Mints, 0.37-Ounce Tins

“The Curiously Strong Mints” Introduced in 1780, Altoids mints were originally marketed to relieve stomach discomfort. By the 1920s, the original cardboard box had been replaced by the more durable distinctive metal tins of today. The irreverent, quirky personality of Altoids mints has led Altoids to be a top-selling mint in the U.S. The Altoids brand has expanded to include sugar-free mints in miniature portable tins. For the latest content from Altoids and to order products we invite you to visit Altoids. com. Altoids and all affiliated designs are trademarks of Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company or its affiliates Product Specifications Altoids Smalls Cinnamon Pack of 9 0.37-ounce Tins 3.33 Total Ounces Altoids Wintergreen, Liquorice, Cinnamon and Ginger Are Altoids tins recyclable? The tins we use for ALTOIDS are made from tin plate, which is one of the most recyclable materials used in the manufacturing of packaged goods. The good news about these tins is that they also come in handy as small storage containers for things like nails, coins, paper clips, and buttons to name a few – the possibilities are endless. We’ve even learned that the tins have been used for more curious purposes – as hand-held works of art, even as an emergency wilderness stove. For over 100 years, Altoids were packaged in small rectangular cardboard cartons that were approximately the same size as today’s recognizable tins. The tins were introduced in the 1920s to help protect the mints and to stay neatly closed in pockets and handbags.

Quick facts

  • Each Tin Has 50 Mints. Sugar Free!

Top reviews

Altoids Small Sugar Free Cinnamon Mints

The cinnamon mints are so hot that they burn your tongue. I have lost my sense of taste from them and pray it is only temporary!
PetrinaWhite Sulphur Springs, WV

Not the real thing

This is not as good as the original altoids with sugar. they feel too tiny and don’t satisfy. Would recommend anyone to buy the original altoids over this.
AnnamariaNorth Branford, CT

Awesome Sugar Free Cinnamon Altoids (smalls)

My whole family has tried these. They like the flavor of these SUGAR FREE cinnamon altoids better than the regular altoid cinnamons. The flavor in these is more true, you can not tell they are sugar free. I would highly recommend these to ANYONE! They are great!
HerlindaHometown, WV

mini cinnamints

Finally! Have been searching for these small tins of cinnamon Altoids for months – could not find this flavor at drugstores, gas stations or grocery stores. So, I’m very happy that my dear husband thought to look online for me. In my opinion, these are far better than the larger Altoids and I prefer the smaller tins. They fit better into pockets and small handbags.
DominiqueHull, GA

Still cinnamon-y

These little mints don’t let me down. I like them better than the “full-sized” Altoids. A kick of cinnamon – what’s not to like?
CharlieArbuckle, CA

Best mints

I started with these mints when I quit smoking and the cinnamon flavor was the only thing that helped. They are just strong enough but not over powering.Best little mints on the market, just wish they were still available in the stores
LolaAda, OH

Thank you Amazon! Can’t find these locally

I used to be able to find a similar mini cinnamon mint,(store brand), but they were discontinued. I have never seen these mini Altoids locally, so I ordered this pack of 9 tins. They taste VERY similar to the ones I used to be able to buy… similar size tin, similar taste. Thank You Altoids and Amazon!!! I find that one or two of these mints and a glass of water help keep me from snacking non-stop…. yes, they are tiny, but they have BIG FLAVOR. And the tiny tin makes it easy to carry around.
KaylenePilot Mound, IA

Hot poppin’ mints!

These are hard to find retail in the upper left-hand corner of the U.S. And I like to carry a mix of Peppermint, Wintergreen and Cinnamon mints with me to offer folks a patriotic mix of mints to freshen their breath.
AltaElmsford, NY

all the groceries around here stopped carrying this flavor

So it’s very handy to be able to order it online.

These are yummy little mints, sugar-free, and yet full of flavor.

I like the wintergreen too, but the cinnamon are my favorite. They’re strong, but not hot. A whole lot of flavor and breath freshening in a teeny mint.

And because they’re small, you don’t have to monitor intake like with other sugar-free mints, where the sugar alcohols can cause GI side effects if you eat more than 2 or 3.

BasiliaFranklin, IN


Altoids Smalls Sugar Free Cinnamon mints are our household favorite, hands down. For some ridiculous reason, local retailers have stopped carrying them (what’s up with that??), so trusty and reliable has filled the bill, along with the super-fast vendor. Thanks to everyone; we are now enjoying our tasty mints once again!
ChariseOshkosh, WI

“Sweet” Candy

THese are small enough not to over power you, but big enough to give you a burst of cinnamon and freshen your breath. I rarely could find these at gas stations/stores in this size. I love the small size for I carry the tin in my pocket. A great product. Shipped promptly.
RickEl Paso, AR

Sensational little mint

This little sugar-free mint packs a powerful, longlasting punch. The cinnamon is true to the cinnamon flavor. The mint can be discretly held in your mouth and still carry on a conversation. These are by far my favorite of mints. Great Job Altoids and thank you for supplying these mints.
LilliaFayetteville, TX

Love these little cinnamon mints!

These little cinnamon Altoids are my favorite mints — not too strong and not too sweet. The small tin is the perfect size to carry in my purse or pocket, but it’s very hard to find in my area; I’ve only been able to find them at World Market. I love ordering them by the box on Amazon and having them delivered right to my front door, and the price can’t be beat.
GradyPineville, PA

LOVE THESE! Cinnamon is the best.

I like all of the Altoid smalls, but cinnamon is my favorite. Usually avoid fake sugar products, in favor of natural varieties…but, I tend to pop so many mints during the day, I prefer not to rot my teeth. Smalls are perfect. Cinnamon is SUPER strong! That is a plus, to me. Any way, it’s rare to find this flavor in the store; only one particular local Meijer store has them where I live. Thrilled when I thought to check Amazon, and found them at a good price. I usually buy 4 or 5 packages at the store when I can (since it’s so rare to find them), and this package of 9 works out to be about the same price. Yay for me!
JennineBlue River, OR

altoids review

These are delicious. I like the smalls because the little tins can go in your pocket or bag or the console in the car. Much more portable than the bigger tins.
GaleSan Jose, IL


Great way to buy Altoids. MUUUUUCH cheaper than buying single packs in the storews. I was going to pay this price for a 6 pack so when they came in and I got 9 packs I was VERY pleased. Great bargin.
IleneBroadway, VA

Altoid Smalls

I cannot buy these locally. I have looked all over. I have found the peppermint and on occasion I can find the wintergreen but never the cinnamon. I was introduced to the cinnamon via a wedding favor. I was able to find them when visiting in NC but last few times there I could not find them. I prefer the cinnamon Altoid Smalls. They are great. The Peppermint are a little too strong and the wintergreen are ok.
TandyBoulder Junction, WI

Altoids Cinnamon Smalls

I love the Altoids Cinnamon Smalls. I am diabetic and I use these after my meals to replace a dessert. The flavor is very strong and one tiny mint is very satisfying.
LilianaHolly Pond, AL

Love the Mini’s

Perfect size to keep in your purse, the Altoid smalls are just as strong as the large ones – great taste. I could not find the cinnamon smalls anywhere so was delighted to find them on Amazon.
SharilynWhite Mountain Lake, AZ

Happy to find them

It’s really silly that this item cannot be found elsewhere but I was delighted to find it here. Of course, it is exactly what I wanted. Yes. There is plenty of mint, but you try to find cinnamon Altoids Smalls in a store! The service was fine. The product was delivered exactly as promised in perfect order.
TiffaniPerryman, MD

Best Place to Buy

I have a bad case of dry mouth due to the medications I take. I can use a special toothpaste, mouthwash, and mouth spray, but those only help for short periods. I found that using these cinnamon mints really help me throughout the day, and last longer than the mouth spray. They are almost calorie-free, and are sugar-free – so that makes them even better. I use to buy them at my local grocery or drugstore. But now it’s a hit or a miss if I can find them in a local store. So, I’ve started buying them online in bulk. It solves my problem for months and months!
CheriMountain Dale, NY

Greate service for Altoids

I am really impresses with Amazon. When the product did not show up at the expected time I contacted Amazon. The person who I had contact with told me it was lost in shipment and would resend it immediately. It was sent next day air. Now how many businesses do that???

Good going Amazon.

Charles Field
Chino Hills, CA

ArgentinaChignik Lagoon, AK

great product for wedding gift bag

got these tiny tin mints for wedding gift bags.. everyone at weddings needs mints! Perfect size for a gentleman’s jacket or a ladies clutch.
ChanaCalumet, IA

They’re like crack

Except no withdrawal. I love these. They don’t taste too good after going through the washing machine though.
DovieManilla, IA