Alvita Organic Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, 24 bags

Natural herb teas that are good for you and the environment. For more that 75 years, long before it became fashionable, Alvita was championing the profound health-giving properties of herbal teas. We travel to the far reaches of the globe for the finest h

Quick facts

  • English Pillow-Style Tea Bags
  • Bags Not Chlorine Treated
  • No Strings, Tags or Staples

Top reviews


I only used two maybe three tea bags and got pregnant – can not drink during pregnancy. Not a bad taste, but I’m not a big tea fan either.
KayleeEastaboga, AL

Don’t pay for “expedited” delivery

I paid over $13.00 for “expedited” delivery and the product still took FIVE days to arrive. Would not buy from them again.
JeanieAdena, OH


This tea tastes nasty. Maybe I just dont like sage but it made me gag!
OpalTaylorsville, GA

Do not order this product….

It has been over three weeks and I still have not received this product. And, they have charged me for it already…
SetsukoLuzerne, IA

tea OK, postage way too high

The sage tea is OK, but I was surprised that for 2 boxes from the same sender was I charged double the postage — the tea weighs next to nothing. Why not charge for the actual weight instead of a set price for each item?
RashidaAmf Ohare, IL

Horsetail Grass Tea

Too early to know. I was recommended that this product helps out the joints. I have been enjoying the tea going on one week.
ColemanCobalt, CT

nice product

In ayurvedic medidicne and in yoga exxercises some times you need to use herbal meds for balancing the chakras and energy channels, so this is one of the needed ones
but please use under instruction of your yoga and ayurvedic teacher
TifanyVictor, NY

Add honey?

Are you supposed to avoid sugars if you have a urinary tract infection?
LatanyaAllendale, SC

Nasty stuff

This stuff taste the worse, no sweetner helps and it stinks up the place…Stay away from this stuff, what a waste of money.
BrockKila, MT

feel better

It seems like this product is working as I do feel better.

Will probably order some more. Good service after their stock was replaced.

M. Weiner

ValeriaTolna, ND

Mom swears by it

This was a gift for mom who had run out. She swears by it for calming her stomach, says it still works.
MickieBeaver Springs, PA

Hated it

This review is about the product the seller was great!

I heard it was good for sleep couldn’t find it local so i bought it here. It stunk up my house, taste awful. save your money and buy any other tea out there.

VirgieWaterville, VT


I think these had been sitting around in a warehouse for a long time, because it took them a long time to send it to me and, when I got it, the tea tasted like cardboard. I’ve had red rasberry leaf tea before, so I know it’s not supposed to taste like this…
BarbieBeckville, TX

Fast Shipment

I ordered Valerian Root tea. The price was a great deal, and shipment was really fast! I would recommend this seller to anyone, and I would definitely do business with them again.
RichardStockholm, SD

horrible taste & stinky

i ordered this tea to produce more breastmilk after reading on forums how good it is. thinking that it is a very good item I ordered 4 box at one shot! What a mistake! I thought I could drink anything but this is the worst thing ever i ever tasted! Like few others say, it also stinks up your place. I dont know what to do with the whole 4 box, i wasnt even able to drink up the one single cup!
ElfredaMerrill, OR

Nettle Leaf Tea

If I can’t find this at my local market or in a near by store, I order it from Amazon. I drink this tea after a night of drinking alcohol in order to help cleanse my liver.
LisaPacolet, SC

Not what they said it is

I purchased this tea because I was told that it helps with excess gas but this tea has made worsen my gas problem. I am very disappointed with the purchase
MelindaBarnesville, OH

Pond water would taste better..

Stale, tastless crap. Dont bother. The hassle to return is riduclous, you have to pay and it has to be thrown out anyway, Why put customer thru all this for cheap little item.
CharleyNew Braintree, MA

No taste or flavor

I had a hard time drinking this tea as it tastes like cardboard! There’s no taste or flavor. I don’t know if it actually works to strengthen the uterus as I wasn’t able to make myself have it for the couple of months required. I’m not sure if all raspberry tea tastes like this or just this brand.
NoeAllensville, KY

Mild sweet tea

I’ve been watching the new Dr. Oz show and he recently recommended nettle tea. So I bought some and this happened to be the brand I chose.

Nettle leaf tea is mild and sweet (I augment by using honey). Not absolutely sure of its benefits. It’s touted as good for being a diuretic thereby keeping your kidneys clear and keeping bladder infections and kidney stones at bay. It’s also suppose to help with arthritis. Dr. Oz had commented that it’s suppose to help with head hair growth.

I recommend it if for no other reason in that it’s pleasant for those who like a less bitter type of tea.

Alvita uses minimal packaging. The tea is in simple bags without strings or tags and smelled very fresh upon opening.

ArianaAthens, IN

good stuff

this red clover tea is worth my money, i have shed 8 pounds in 3 weeks, i know its not a diet tea or anything but, i drink this twice a day eat my 3 regular small meals, and a fruit or a rice cake or something lowfat, the tea coupled with better
eating habits and i ride my exercise bike and do a few stretches, lunges, lift a 5 pound weight in sets of 5’s twice, for
about 15 minutes total2 times a day, nothing long and drawn out. before 3 weeks ago i honestly weighed 199, that’s a lot of weight if you are 5’2, mostly in my butt and thighs. today i weigh 190, today meaning march 20, 2012. i have a long way to
go but that is a good start for me i love food it is hard but i find lowfat and sugarfree things to snack on. being overweight makes you tired easily, and the more tired you feel the more you will just sit around and when you sit around,
yep you tend to snack. my goal is 170 pounds, yea that is still a lot of weight but i am a realistic person, i will not
set myself up for a let down. if a should lose anything beyond 170 i will be very happy, i will update my quest on april 20, 2012. thanks
HannahGreenfield, OH

GREAT for hot flashes!

If you are looking for something natural to relieve (and possible stop) hot flashes–sage tea will do it. A glass in the morning and one at night and WOW what a difference it made!
NolaWoodbury, KY

Light flavored tea

I got this tea because it is supposed to help with PMS and supposedly helps “prepare” the uterus for conception. I figured it can’t hurt, so why not? I think this tea is very light flavored. I usually put some honey in it and it goes down great.

As for the rest, I’ve only been using it (3 times a day) for the past 7 days and haven’t gone a full cycle yet, so I don’t know if it really does work for PMS yet or not.

DaphneRedford, MO

Dr Oz recommended!

Dr. Oz recommended fenugreek tea for your digestive track,(not this brand specifically). It was a good introduction.
Personally, don’t care for the taste by itself, but with a bit of honey,yum! Will purchase again.
LasandraFayetteville, NC

Red Clover Tea

I purchased this tea because it is recommended for helping women’s PMS symptoms and menopause symptoms. I’ve only had one cup of it, so I can’t say if it has helped my symptoms or not. I have purchased other teas of this brand. I would recommend their teas. I wasn’t crazy about the taste of the red clover, but that is just my personal opinion. It’s a little bitter but bearable. Add some sugar and you’re good to go.
MabelGreenwich, NY

Wonderful company!

I didn’t realize it but my tea wasn’t arriving as promptly as suggested. The company also noticed and sent a box out immediately! WOW! I was very impressed!
LarisaEthel, LA

What I needed

The tea has a mild, pleasant flavor and is easy to combine with others, without overpowering the mix. I’ve just moved to a new town, and I don’t know where to look for the teas I need. Buying online saved me a lot of headaches. The boxes I ordered arrived promptly.
DeshawnNewcastle, UT

Great for your health

Arrived on time. What a deal !!! So glad I could find this product on amazon ! I used this when i feel like im getting sick
Thanks !
AkikoCamp Dennison, OH

Served its purpose

I do not really like tea but I needed to drink it for medical reasons. Shipping was really fast and the price was good. I am sure those who like Sage Tea would love it.
StaceePinetop, AZ

Suggested by Dr. Oz

This tea was suggested by Dr. Oz on his show about how to sleep better. I suffer from insomnia
so I bought the wheat germ, Chia seeds and Valerian tea he said would help. Haven’t used the wheat germ yet, the Chia seeds we are absolutely loving, especially on top of a crisp salad, but the Valerian tea tastes so horrible I can’t even force myself to sip it while holding my nose! It has a real earthy, almost “manure” like taste. The woman he had try it on the show sipped it and said “Oh, that’s not bad!” So I took a chance. I swear, they must have paid her to give it a tasty review. It’s vile and I already threw all three boxes of it in the trash!
JuanCranberry, PA