Alwadi Al Akhdar Grape Molasses, 24.69-Ounce Jars

Grape molasses are natural sweeteners that can be used to give a fruity sweetness to stews. For a delicious traditional dessert, mix with Tahina, in equal amounts & serve with pita bread.

Quick facts

  • A natural sweetener.
  • For a delicious traditional dessert, mix with Tahina, in equal amounts & serve with pita bread.
  • Spoon onto bread or pancakes for a healthy snack.
  • Product of Lebanon
  • Vegetarian, ready to eat

Top reviews

very poor service

I ordered this product and had it shipped in one day because I needed it for the weekend for a special event. To my surprise the product turned out to be date molasses instead of grape which will not work. Very poor service
AlisiaMiller Place, NY

Grape Molasses

Grape molasses and tahini makes a wonderful spread called debis. We have had a hard time finding it and was delighted to find it on Amazon.
ShaneHazelton, KS

It has sugar in it

The only reason I purchased this product was to have a natural sweetener as a substitute for sugar. The ingredients did NOT list sugar (on Amazon page), but when I received the shipment I saw that sugar was one of the ingredients.
UlaGlen Haven, WI

Good Flavor

What’s to be said? It’s a personal taste question. Add this to steal cut oats oatmeal and enjoy. Alternatively add the date version. Alwadi Al Akhdar Date Molasses, 24.75-Ounce plastic jar (Pack of 3) The date molasses has a slightly stronger flavor than the grape, but both are less strong than sugar molasses and have to be better for you. Try one or both. Nix sugar and get some real flavor.

Since the date molasses version of this product changed from a pure date base to having sugar added, check the ingredients label of the product you receive to ensure it’s strictly grape based. Concentrated grape juice with citric acid isn’t an issue, but adding sugar would be unwanted.

PhilomenaWilmington, VT


It’s not grape 🙁 it’s raison, but it is OK, I just wish I could get the real grape
Tastes good, tad sweet. I hate plastic jars–leaked out, but I ate all of it and am buying more.
KamiTranquility, NJ

Unique flavor…

I wasn’t sure what to expect with ‘grape’ molasses but it is actually quite delicious and tastes like sweet raisin syrup with just a subtle hint of tartness. This was good in my coffee as a sweetener and I’m going to make my own Yoshida sauce and Worcestershire sauce with this flavor of molasses as I think it would be perfect for that.
AndraRavalli, MT