Amano Chocolate Dark Chocolate Sampler

A sampler of Amano Chocolate’s award winning dark chocolate. 1 Ocumare bar: our flagship bar and winner of a silver medal at the London Academy of Chocolate 1 Montanya bar: our limited edition silver medal winner at the London Academy of Chocolate 1 Guayas bar: made with beans from Ecuador. 1 Morobe bar: our newest chocolate made with beans from New Guinea.

Quick facts

  • Single origin chocolate
  • World award winner

Top reviews

The best chocolate I have ever experienced

My mother and I just had our own mini chocolate tasting party. Each of the bars has its own distinct flavor, and we had a wonderful time identifying all of the different subtle flavors present in the chocolate bars — Amano chocolate bars are rich, strong, chocolate. Not too sweet and not too bitter. The perfect dark chocolate. Worth every penny.
JoyeChaska, MN

The Best

I found Amano at a chocolate event, and they blew everything else out of the water. It can be difficult to find single origin chocolate, but they have several options. The processing is just right, the darks are dark and rich, not too sweet or bitter, and not overly filled with waxes and cocoa butter the way many others are. The natural profiles of the chocolate shine through, gently supported by the minimal addition of sugar and vanilla. My favorite is the Dos Rios, it’s fruity with just a little spice, but earthy enough without being dirty or musky. Because the chocolate is so rich I eat it very slowly–half a square is plenty in one sitting, and I usually only want it once or twice a week. A bar is worth every cent, even when I find myself giving much of it away (because really, you have to try this…)
MalissaChampion, PA

It doesn’t get any better than this.

Amano chocolate is chocolate nirvana. If I’m having a bad day, half of a square, slowly melted on my tongue, completely changes my paradigm. I love chocolate. I would even consider myself a chocolate connoisseur, and this is the best. Hands down, no doubts, the best. The flavors are subtle and delicious, and experiencing them is almost orgasmic. The hand care they take in selecting every nib, in determining the roast, in making it in small batches on old fashioned chocolate equipment shows in every bite. It’s worth every cent.
JeriGrafton, WV

Really fine chocolate

I’m not a connoisseur (to call myself that, I feel I’d have to experience the width and breadth of what’s out there, and I haven’t done that, I really can’t be bothered) however I’ve known for decades the difference between good chocolate and the junk they usually make in America. Once I’d enjoyed fine European chocolates, I had a hard time finding American made chocolate that I would particularly enjoy. I like a lot of the chocolates made by See’s Candies, definitely. Guittard Gourmet Bittersweet (also American made) can be bought in bulk, and it’s excellent bang for the buck. Not a top quality chocolate, but very decent, completely worth buying and I always have it on hand.

The reviews here got me curious to try Amano, and I’m informed that they are an American made chocolate company dedicated to maintaining high quality over quantity production techniques. I’ve tried this sampler, and for me the Ocumare stands out head and shoulders above the others. It’s truly exquisite. I’m going to get more for sure. Ocumare is currently not available here, I signed up for notification. Hopefully, when I do get more it will be as good as the bar I’m working on. What I’ve read suggests that batch to batch it could differ, maybe a lot, depending on the growing season, the quality of the particular cocoa bean crop.

KristinWiley, GA

Ocumare is amazing

I am not a dark chocolate guy, but after trying this i was hooked. These guys are not like most, they make their chocolate from the cacao from a specific field. Its like wime. you dont mix grapes from california with grapes from italy. Each cacao plantation has their own flavor and that is so important to the taste. their chocolate is not a corporate creation but a truly unique experience.
CherrylMarshall, TX