Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass, 200 Count, 1000Mg Tablets

Amazing Grass® Organic Wheat Grass is one of the most potent leafy greens on earth, not to mention a great source of vitamins and minerals. Farm fresh, USDA Certified, our 100% whole-leaf, organic wheat grass naturally detoxifies the body and boost immune systems. Tablets are convenient for individuals who find consuming green drinks difficult, but still want the benefits of wheat grass! Amazing Grass grows our wheat and barley grasses and alfalfa at our family-run farm in Kansas. Our Organic Wheat Grass is harvested at its nutritional peak just prior to the jointing stage, when we cut just the tip of the leaf, which is the most nutrient rich part of the plant. This process ensures we capture and lock-in the potent nutrition that Mother Nature intended and allows our bodies to easily recognize, absorb and assimilate these amazing superfoods. Amazing Grass® is dedicated to the finest and raw ingredients keeping the best of what Mother Nature has perfect. In the end, making others happy makes us happy people!

Quick facts

  • Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass offers 100% organic, whole-leaf wheat grass.
  • USDA Certified Organic, Non GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Raw
  • Convenient tablets for individuals who find consuming green drinks difficult, but still want the benefits of wheat grass!
  • Recommended 1-2 servings daily. Serving size is 5 tablets
  • 200 count 1,000 mg tablets

Top reviews


I am gluten sensitive — I get migraines from wheat. I am able to take some wheat grass products but not others. On the Amazing Grass website, they swear it’s gluten-free. Having tried this product today and getting a migraine shortly afterward, I can tell you it’s NOT gluten free.
VaniaByron, IL

I do not think this product works

I hate to bad mouth a product; but for me, this product did not help me. Many people believe in the immune system properties in Wheat Grass. I do not see it. I prefer Elderberry, this works for me. Maybe Wheat Grass helps others.
FedericoWittmann, AZ

better then the powder

what they dont tell you is they say 10 pills a day you should take. a serving size is 5. But its still better then the powder
DorothyRozel, KS

Energy boost

For years i tried to wake up at 6 am, but 7.30 was the earliest i could do. I was tired and sleepy most of the time. After just 1 week of taking Wheatgrass, i am fully awake at …5 am !!!! And my energy is back! Awesome!!!! Doesnt taste as bad as people say. Maybe the powder does, but the pills are chewy and taste like, well, grass. I take it before breakfast and lunch with lots of water. I felt tired and thirsty first 3 days, but i guess it was toxins leaving my body. This Amazing Grass is truly AMAZING!!!
JayeRutledge, MO

Great Health Benefits, Hard to Swallow!

Let me just say that I really love Amazing Grass as a company. I love that they have a good rep and put out quality wheat grass supplements. I was so happy to find tablets as the powder doesn’t always sit right with me though I do use that on occasion. The serving size of these are FIVE huge pills. I take them everyday with my latte to wash them down. I wish they were a bit smaller but it’s not such an issue. I really do recommend these especially if you can’t stand fresh or powdered wheat grass.
ChantalDorr, MI

changed my life!

This product changed my life. I don’t love the taste of the juice or the powder, and these pills are raw and live and work just as well. When taken on a daily basis I find myself feeling so incredibly much better! I have put them on my monthly recurring list to purchase.
SolomonEmerson, KY

these vs making my own

I bought these because I didn’t like the powder and having to run out and buy orange juice to mix it with every so often. The powder is one thing, but I can pop pills all day. It’s nice that these have the same benefits as the powder and they’re more convenient for me. When I bought the powder, I also have a capsule maker that I use but it is time consuming to make x amount of capsules.
MauroGlen Oaks, NY

Great health product!

I was very pleasantly surprised at the rapid and positive changes in my daily health from using this product. Energy and mood improved with a couple of hours of taking the first dose. Digestion has also improved. I am now using this product twice a day (5 caps at a time) and juicing fresh wheatgrass once a day. The benefits of both are well worth the cost
TenishaCuba, IL

Super Product

I love this stuff. This is the first I have tried wheat grass and what a difference in my energy level. I take it first thing in the a morning and I am good to go! Even my friends wonder why I have so much energy. I say, buy this!
NakishaColumbia, CT

Can’t live without them!

I started taking wheatgrass tablets and noticed a slight change in my energy level. I stopped for about 2 weeks and boy did I notice a difference. Without them I was so tired and it was all I could do to go for my daily 2 mile walk. I really do believe in this product. And it is cheaper on Amazon that at your health foods store.
SherrieLafayette, TN

No bad taste, and seem to provide energy

My herbal doctor recommended wheatgrass for energy, detoxification, and stress reduction. That sounds like a lot of benefits. I was eager to try it out.

I take two of these pills in the morning and two at lunch, along with some organic spirulina I bought here on Amazon. Together, I do notice a little boost of energy – helping me awaken in the morning pre-coffee, and helping perk me up after lunch.

I will purchase another bottle of each supplement and continue, since I feel it is working.

Note: if you like the powder form, you can use that – Amazing Grass makes some of that too. Or if you have a masticating juicer (like an Omega), you can juice wheatgrass. Personally, I find pill form easiest to sustainably take each day – and like with many supplements, if you don’t take them regularly, they won’t work as well.

DeniseWadsworth, OH

Good product….no energy boost yet

I bought this since I read about the more than positive reviews. My husband and 5 yr old take this daily as a shake added to our oatmeal and although we have not seen a change in our energy level, we seen a lot of movement in the bathroom arena. I gave it a 4 because I have not seen any energy change yet, which is really why I bought it. If our energy level explodes then I will change my rating.
ChasityFort Harrison, MT

Good for travel & when I don’t have time for the beverage.

I purchased powdered beverage mix and these tablets. I try to get in at least one serving of a wheat grass product each day. If I can’t make the mix product then these tablets are quick and easy. You have to take each one quickly because if you let them hang around in your mouth for even a few seconds you’ll begin to get the flavor, which isn’t bad but I prefer to get them down ASAP. I do not find the tablets to be too large.
MarieStafford, TX

Try new things…what’s to lose?

My brother-in-law grows his own wheat grass and he suggested I try it to help with the eczema on my hands. I couldn’t quite handle the juice so when I saw the tablets were available I ordered those. I must admit I did notice a difference right away in how I felt….had a lot more energy and not too long after starting the tablets I did notice a slight improvement in how my hands felt. I am going to continue taking them, what’s to lose??
LayneBuies Creek, NC

Goes down easy

I have yet to try actual wheat grass, but from what I hear its pretty hard to get down.

Not to mention, its hard to find (even harder to find it in stores made organically), you wont get much juice out of it when juicing, and costly if you do happen to find it.

I like that I can just pop 4 of these wheat grass pills and call it a day.

I don’t take the recommended 5 pills because I eat enough other veggies throughout the day including kale.

I haven’t noticed much increased energy from using these pills, and on the few days here and there I forgot to take them I didn’t fell any different either.

Some thing I take, I notice I feel much different on the days I forgot or don’t take them, but with these I did not notice a difference in my body.

But overall, wheat grass is super healthy for you, and these amazing Grass tablet make it easy to get a good organic dose of them. I recommend.

RolandeDeerfield, VA

Organic wheat grass tablets

Just started taking these last week and so far I am pleased with this product. Already they have aided with digestion issues and I’m hoping that over time they will give me an energy boot and strengthen immune system as well
GiuseppinaGrainfield, KS

Great product

It is very important to include whole food supplements in our diets. Love this product! I would recommend it to others.
JeannetteNavasota, TX

Energy in a Pill

I have been taking this for several months. When I first started taking them I couldn’t sleep at night…I had so much energy. Now I take first in the morning 5 at a time and I’m good. There is no after taste, they are big but easily swallowed. I believe they have helped everything in my clean eating lifestyle. I think they are so much easier to do than drink the powered version. I will keep purchasing them and recomend them to everyone for a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy!!
EthelMissouri City, TX

It stopped pollen allergy

I have been purchasing a lot of stuffs from amazon but never left any reviews, this is the one I have to say it is amazing! It stopped (or cured?) my husband’s pollen allergy. He used to take all kinds of allergy pills trying to stop sneezing, watery eyes and runny nose, but no medicine could attack all the symptoms. For 5,6 years, He had to take many different kinds of medicine… And this year, his symptom got worse. We got the info about how wheatgrass can stop allergy and boost energy, so he started taking 10 tablets a day, before he finished the first bottle, his pollen allergy’s gone! His brother and mom who also suffered from pollen allergy for many years, took wheatgrass as well(they drank juice), they are pollen allergy-free now! I gave half bottle to one of my neighbors and her allergy stopped too! Having said that, it doesn’t stop my husband’s seafood allergy. Originally we were just thinking instead of buying medicine, why not spend the money on natural remedies? It wont mess up you body like medicines, and If it doesn’t work we will just go back to medicine… But it worked! If you are suffering from pollen allergy, I strongly suggest you try wheatgrass!(any brand organic or grow by yourselves but not the ones you buy at juice stand cause they’ve been harvest hundred times and had no nutrition at all!)
RozellaWalton, WV