Ambassador Organics Biodynamic Egyptian Hibiscus Tea, Whole-leaf Loose, 2.86 Ounce Tins

Ambassador Organics™ is pleased to introduce a premium line of tea bags and loose teas for the discerning tea drinker that is both certified organic and certified Biodynamic®. These teas have been sourced from dedicated Biodynamic producers in communities across the globe, exemplifying agriculture that respects all aspects of the environment, from soil to human being. From sustainable model farm cooperatives to fair trade and socially just tea estates, these teas have been grown with special care. All Ambassador Organics Whole Leaf Teas come in two styles: beautiful tins with fifteen fine tea bags, or the same attractive tins with 3.4 ounces of loose tea for those customers who prefer their own steepware. Our tea bags are produced from non-GMO cane, and care has been taken to ensure that packaging exceeds industry standards for sustainability and environmental responsibility. Biodynamic organic is produced the way farming has been done for centuries. It is the authentic organic. It is the most sustainable organic farming method. Biodynamic is based on holistic principles that consider all creation connected, regards the farm as a complete system, and focuses on using the best water and the purest soil and compost. Rudolph Steiner, a philosopher on the early 20th Century, prescribed biodynamics as a way of producing food that was more nutritious for our bodies, and better for the planet. Our shade grown cofees and whole leaf teas come from certified biodynamic organic arms, and are certified fair trade by Transfair, the internationally recognized organization dedicated to fighting poverty one farm at a time. We pay fair price to workers who return the favor by producing the best quality, best tasting products available. Enjoy the rare harvest, with our best wishes for your good health. Egyptian Hibiscus Tea the deep dark red hibiscus hints at the floral intensity of this ancient tisane tea.

Quick facts

  • These are some of the artificial chemicals used to make conventional tea: HCH Hexachlorocyclohexane DDT Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethe Permethrin Fenvalerate Carfentrazone ethyl Spinosad

Top reviews


This tea is fresh, perfectly processed and tastes clean and pure.
I can tell somehow that whoever produces this tea takes immense care all the way along the line. I can taste the love. No kidding. To grow things biodynamically is very work intensive. I am glad I have this tea I gave some to my daughter too.
StarrGilbert, PA