Ambrosia Artichoke Bottoms, 13.75-Ounce Can

Ambrosia Artichoke Bottoms are the vegetable’s saucer shaped bottom, used for stuffing. Schreiber take food safety seriously and purchase only from factories that comply not only with FDA standards, but our own high standards.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 13.75-ounce can (total of 82.5 ounces)
  • Contains citric acid
  • Complies to FDA standards

Top reviews

Metallic tasting, and salty

I bought these as an impulse item – we love fresh steamed artichokes, and I sometimes buy artichoke hearts in oil for salads or pizza. Unfortunately, these aren’t that great. On the positive side, they are crunchy and firm textured. On the negative side, they are too salty and have a metallic flavor from the can.

There are six cans in the pack, so we’ll be eating them for a while. I plan to add them to salads or sauces and not serve them as appetizers (dipped in garlic butter, or stuffed with crabmeat) as I had envisioned. And I won’t be buying them again.

AlineBrainerd, MN