Ambrosia Devon Rice Pudding, 14.1-Ounce Can

Since 1917, we’ve been capturing all the goodness of the West Country to make our Rice Pudding so creamy textured. Today, milk is still delivered fresh to our Devon dairy. That’s why you can rely on Ambrosia to provide a delicious, wholesome treat without artificial colours or preservatives. Goodness comes naturally. Ambrosia Rice Pudding is a low fat food and is suitable vegetarians. There’s a glass and a half of skimmed milk in every 425 g can. Milk is a good source of calcium, which is important for healthy teeth and bones.

Quick facts

  • Imported from Britain
  • Gluten Free

Top reviews


BernardinaHale, MO

This Is Good Stuff!

Of couse, you have to like creaminess. If you do, give this creamed rice a try. Yeah, I know it’s not cheap; so use it for a special occasion. However, don’t think you’re going to eat maybe half a can and save the rest for tomorrow. You won’t stop until that doggone can is empty.

It’s sweet; but a pleasant, soothing sweet. Very old-fashioned and came in real handy one day when I was feeling just a bit yucky. You know, you feel like you need to coat your stomach with something rich, but not upsetting. Like maybe a baby food with grownup flavor? Yeah, open a can. Make sure it’s in the refrigerator waiting or you.

PorterCascade Locks, OR

Cannot find it for less online

Love Love Love this product, a favourite of mine since childhood. Great light dessert hot or cold. I’ve never tasted rice pudding in America that comes close to Ambrosia, it’s fantastic, it’s not heavy, even though it’s cream, milk and rice, not overtly sweet. You can add many things to it; fruit, nuts, or stir in’s. If you have a sick one, this is light enough to give them and know they have had some good nourishment. Treat yourself, if you’ve never tried it. You might very well enjoy it. It’s a heavy product so the cost for shipping makes it cost prohibitive to order from most places. With the auto shipment option it costs even less and you can edit when you wish to receive it.
LorindaGlen Hope, PA

Happy me!

How wonderful it was to find Ambrosia Creamed Rice here on I just wish I could find it in a case of 12, maybe 24, 48, 100. No, maybe that would be a bad thing for my weight.

This is a real treat, and I will be purchasing again. Especially with the free shipping.

YuonneYantis, TX

Are you kidding me?!

I’m eating an entire can right now, and am at zen level of satisfaction. This stuff is great!! and it’s exactly what I was craving. It’s not bland, but not too sweet. The rice is just firm enough. $3/can with subscribe and save, maybe a bit expensive, but this really can be served at a more elegant dinner gathering. You can also sprinkle cocoa powder or cinnamon on it, but it’s quite good alone..nom..nom..
BernieceKnobel, AR

The ultimate comfort food

This was a product that I grew up with in the U.K. and hadn’t had for years before finding it on Amazon. Compared with typical American rice pudding, it is creamier (runnier) and meant to be served warm. It was traditional in our house to top a bowl with a dollop of raspberry jam, but I’m not a big sweets lover and prefer it on its own. It’s actually quite low in fat and calroies, so it’s a relatively healthy indulgence.
VergieDendron, VA

No-cook comfort food

I’ve used this rice pudding for three years for under-the-weather or lazy days. It’s slightly low-sugar but tasty and easy on the tummy. I usually get two or three servings from a can. Worth every penny when Mom’s not around to give TLC–or when a Mom’s too busy to cater to the simpler needs of a child or adult.
MelisaAlder Creek, NY

Just like l remember..

I remember having this all the time as a kid in the U.K. We would put a tea spoon amount of strawberry or mixed berry jam in and stir. So l tried it the other day and was transported back to being a kid again.. It’s so smooth and creamy and filling. I miss not having certain comfort foods but i’m glad l can find them on Amazon.. It took a few weeks to get my rice pudding but that’s ok, l will be back for MORE!!!
JakeMount Desert, ME


The only thing wrong with this custard is that it is so good that you can’t stop eating it. Very smooth and creamy even though it is made with skim milk. It is soooooo good!!! It is fantastic mixed with fresh fruit! I would highly recommend this product to anyone. I’m going to try the rice pudding next.
EdrisBrooklin, ME

Keep the British foods coming!

I found Heinz baked beans on Amazon by chance a year or so ago and since then, my British-born husband and I have been thrilled to see all the latest offerings that have turned up from over the pond. My husband has been here for 15 years now and really misses his Branston Pickle, HP Sauce, Ambrosia custard, so it’s absolutely marvelous to be able to buy these things at a reasonable cost from Amazon — and certainly saves money versus searching the small imported foods stores around. Item was very well-packed, arrived quickly, and was the original. We’ve got 4 cans two or three days ago, and he’s already eaten two of them. Looks like I’ll be reordering by the weekend.
DarioMethow, WA


I found this product to be one of England’s best products. I would order this again when I run out of my order.
KirbySlater, IA

very very articial tasting/ by donna hunnicutt

could i have known that this would be awful? no, and it is terrible. tastes like a lot articial stuff has been put into this pudding. if you compare it cozy shack, then the latter wins HANDS DOWN. would never buy this item again and would advise others to think first, not last, like i did.
PatienceShiloh, NJ