American Classic Pyramid Teabags, Plantation Peach, 12 Count

Over 100 years ago, tea planters brought their finest ancestral tea bushes from China and India to Wadmalaw Island near the historic old city of Charleston, South Carolina. Now the direct descendants of these very plants have been lovingly restored to their former grandeur here at the Charleston Tea Gardens®, a lush subtropical tea farm. It is in this context of great natural beauty and colonial pride that we bring you American Classic Plantation Peach made from 100% grown at America’s own tea garden. We have crafted a very special taste for our tea by blending the invigorating taste of southern peaches with Charleston Tea Plantation’s finest tea leaves. Plantation Peach Tea is becoming a favorite tea by all who taste it. Truly refreshing – hot or iced. 12 individually wrapped pyramid tea bags. Net Wt. 84 ounce. (24g).

Quick facts

  • South Carolina grown black tea
  • Gluten free
  • Calorie free
  • Kosher

Top reviews

Strange chemical peach flavor – is this natural?

I’m almost on the fence with this one, but more body weight is leaning toward the “no” side. The tea-leaf flavor itself is quite nice – the subtle flavor of South Carolina’s black tea is interestingly different from what I drink on a daily basis, and I like that change every once in a while. Also, the tea leaves seem very fresh. I like the Governor Grey and Breakfast teas for a simple, linear-tasting black tea, but there are still other brands I gravitate toward for more complexity (Mighty Leaf has a wonderful Earl Grey with stronger bergamot flavor). The problem with this particular tea is that the peach flavoring is strange and sometimes reminds me of chemically scented plastic (a warning sign of artificial flavoring). I did double-check to make sure the “peach flavor” mentioned in the ingredient list is natural, and the website for the Charleston Tea Plantation affirms that a natural essential oil is used in all of their teas, but the peach tastes so chemical compared to other, more natural teas I’ve had – you know, the teas that have visible bits of fruit in it. When I checked the reviews on the Charleston Tea Plantation website, I noticed that someone else had left a review mentioning the same chemical taste. This tea is refreshing and easy to drink, but I just can’t get over the weird peach aftertaste that lingers just a bit too long and too strongly. Maybe it’s just a personal preference (many other people seem to love this tea), but I’m going to stick with Green Hill Tea’s peach apricot loose tea because it is much better, and the ingredients seem better (taken from their website: black tea, natural dried papaya, freeze dried peach + apricot, blackberry leaves, sunflower + calendula petals, natural flavours).
MaxieColfax, WI

Yummy tea, shipped fast

Wow, I remember when I ordered this back in January, the order came to my doorstep the next day!! I was so surprised! My boyfriend and I love this tea to death. It has a smooth, sweet taste to it and its fragrance is beautiful. This makes a wonderful, refreshing iced tea that’s perfect for hanging out on sunny afternoons. It’s a shame that it’s a bit pricey both in cost and shipping.
ElianaWest Manchester, OH

Very peachy

I think this tea is very good. It’s kinda like snapple but better and I alway have to have sugar:) I got this as a gift set and love it. The best thing is I get to support something USA made. mmmmmm
RileyWaterloo, AL