American Paddlefish Caviar Malossol – 4 oz

This caviar is harvested from the American Paddlefish or Spoonbill in the Mississippi and Tennessee rivers. This roe can be slightly smaller that most other caviars, but if Hackleback is more similar to Sevruga for its flavor, then Paddlefish rivals it in looks, with its silver-grayish pearls. The flavor is more earthy than crisp, yet still buttery.

Quick facts

  • – Country of Origin: USA
  • Product is perishable and will ship via FedEx Overnight service
  • Availability: Usually ships within 1 business day

Top reviews

Excellent Quality and Value

I really enjoyed this product. It tastes good and is very close to the Russian or Iranian versions. Also, the service and quick delivery were an added bonus. I would highly recommend this product.
MalcolmJackson, MN


Guys, do you know what “malossol” means in Russian?
“Lightly salted”.
This particular caviar was actually over-salted quite a bit.
Other than that its a very good tasting caviar (I guess you can blame a puddlefish for that), very close to Russian Sturgeon’s caviar.
SpencerHarrold, SD