Amira – Tamarind Candy

Tamarind Candy

Quick facts

  • Artificially Flavored Tamarind Candy
  • Bag Contains 100 Pieces!
  • Product of Thailand
  • Net Wt. 10.5 Oz. (300g)

Top reviews


If you like candy this is good. I was looking for something more like packaged tamarind or something to give me the flavor. This is sugar and artificial tamarind flavor and I get more a kick from the real thing from the store.

As far as candy, it’s good candy and it’s better than American candy that has tons of different artificial flavors and ingredients.

It’s just sugar, glucose and artificial flavor.

JeanettaPort Mansfield, TX

I love this candy!

If you like tamarind, you’ll love it too. If you haven’t tried it, do yourself a favor and do so immediately. $2.99 for 100 pieces! How can you go wrong? You may thank me later.
CarlenaFalcon, MO


The candy came really fast and I ate all really fast. As a matter of fact I need to order more!
HolliWayland, MA

Tasty Om nom

I had this candy after a dinner at a Thai restaurant. Love it tastes really good, a different kind of taste
JohnnieCanton, PA

yummiest candies ever!!

Ate them at a local thai restaurant. My wife wanted them so badly. Finally got them from amazon. They are just amazing !!!
JohnnieEdgewood, MD

Amira Tamarind Candy – love it

If you love somewhat tart, slightly sweet, pleasant hard candy to moisten your throat or just get a taste of sweetness, this is great. It arrived on time and I have six bags to see me through a long time, when I crave something sweet without a ton of calories or addictive. Try it!
SheilahForest Grove, OR

I love Tamarind candy

A friend of my introduce me to the tamarind candy and I fell in love with that i had to order my own supply. When i gave it to my family and other friends they love it too. 🙂
JarvisFerguson, KY

Yummy candy

A couple of the Thai restaurants we go to in SF will give you a couple of pieces of this candy after your meal. I love the taste of tamarind candy. It’s a slightly tangy, citrusy (almost orange/tangerine-liked) flavor. The workers at the restaurants tell me that they have it ordered and shipped from Thailand. I haven’t tried looking for it in the Asian markets but being a global economy, you’d think you can find it in the stores without having to resort to Amazon to buy it!
WarnerMcgregor, ND