Amish Country Midnight Blue Popcorn 6 lb.

If you like the small Black Jewel popcorn – you will enjoy our Midnight Blue gourmet popping corn. It is a small hulless popcorn that is a little crunchy and very delicious.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 2-pounds
  • A little crunchy and very delicious
  • A great replacement for black jewel popcorn

Top reviews


This corn is very tough and doesn’t pop up very well.
I need to sit with a paper towel in one hand to spit out all the tough kernels.

I won’t be buying this corn again.

GeorgieEldridge, AL

It’s good – small, tasty, crunchy, and “hullless”

I love this popcorn, it’s tasty and crunchy and it’s my favorite so far. Blue popcorns seem to have more flavor than yellow or white. I think the selling point of this type is that because the kernels are small the hulls shatter when it pops (“hullless”), so that you don’t get the big painful pieces of hard popcorn hull in your teeth like with larger varieties. It’s not going to be completely hullless but compared to regular large yellow popcorn the hulls are pretty much gone. The resulting popped corn is smaller than you may be used to, though. Try it, it’s good!
TiffanieCape Fair, MO

Popcorn great but shipping is outrageous

I bought it before. Pops up small and crunchy. Loved it. Shipping cost the same as the popcorn….$10. But this time when I went to order it shipping was $14. That’s where I draw the line. When it costs more to ship it than the product costs, then I don’t need it.
MarlenBeulah, MS

Smaller (than usual) Kernals

I made this popcorn with my genuine Whirley-Pop popcorn maker (which I like!)—it popped perfectly, however, I noticed the kernals were smaller (than microwave popcorn kernals). But it was good!
CarolinaMcdonough, GA

Very Good but not Black Jewel

I love popcorn and while this stuff is very good, I doubt I will buy it again. But I was searching for a comparable product to Black Jewel popcorn and in that quest I have failed. It is good, but not as good. My search for a decent source for Black Jewel continues. Maybe I will have to be come a distributor…
IsrealMount Auburn, IA

Delicious soft kernels

Kernels are small and softer than traditional white corn. Great flavor even eaten plain. My traditional is with flax oil and real salt, tarragon optional if I want a savory corn. I was informed cinnamon is good too.
ArnettaWarwick, MD

didn’t pop

The popcorn did not pop in my hot air popper. I called the company and emailed them to return it. Never got a response.
MingSoper, OK

Great homemade popcorn

Thank you for the fast delivery of my order, the 6lb bag of Midnight Blue popcorn. It popped on the stovetop just fine, although I think this company also sells a popper, which we haven’t purchased. We will enjoy this tasty snack for a long time to come, and have plenty to share with a few friends and family.
TammyFolkston, GA