Amish Country Rainbow Blend Popcorn 2 lb.

Rainbow popcorn by Amish Country Popcorn is a blend of our different popcorn varieties. Appealing to the eye, tastebuds, and anyone who enjoys crafts.

Quick facts

  • Package of 2-pounds of Amish country rainbow blend popcorn
  • A unique blend of several gourmet corns
  • Fun one for people who can’t make up their minds

Top reviews


The popcorn tastes like popcorn, nothing special. It is less husky but nothing speical especially not worth almost $50 total tax, shipping and cost of product.
FlorrieRose Hill, KS

Not so great

We had to throw it out. The corn pops up soggy and a bit stale. Something was “off” about our bag of it. Hopefully it was just a fluke. Also, we thought from the description that the actual popcorn would be colored, but it’s not, just the kernels. That was our mistake.
MindaNew Castle, IN

Rainbow popcorn

The name Rainbow popcorn inplies that the popped corn will be mult-colored. It pops white and in small “tight” kernels. It “chews” and tastes a little OLD! I also ordered “baby white” at the same time–I found it unsatisfactory too. It pops small (as expected from name?) and is heavy. I won’t order from this company again.
WilmaFletcher, MO

Wabash Valley Products

I love this popcorn. I have the whirly pop stove top popper and I love the healthy aspect of the process and the popcorn tastes amazing! I recommend trying all types, but be aware if you are particular because the types vary greatly in size.(caramel is the largest)
TomMuse, PA

Amish Country popcorn

The Amish Country popcorn is very good stove-top popcorn. It really does not matter what color you purchase, as that goes away and turn white after popping. But the flavor remains! I highly recommend this for great tasting popcorn.
ShirlWashington, LA

Amish Country Rainbow Blend Popcorn

I bought this as a gift for my sister. She had been looking all over for this mix of popcorn. She was very pleased.
WhitneyHiseville, KY