Amish Kitchen Noodles, Extra Wide, 12-Ounce Bags

Amish Kitchens are great for hearty, homemade meals. Use Amish Kitchens Wide, Extra Wide and Kluski Noodles to make delicious and filling soups and casseroles.

Quick facts

  • Old World Quality
  • All Natural
  • Premuim Quality

Top reviews

Not Really Amish

This is typical of a product you could purchase at any grocery store. We normally buy Amish Buggy Brand which is far superior and actually the same product as if if you purchaseed hand made in an Amish cummunity. However Amazon was temporairely out of the product. Skip this and just go to the grocery or by Amish Buggy Brand extra wide.
CarloTalladega, AL

another great noodle

i cooked these for 8 minutes and turned off the heat. these were so very good with mashed potatoes. i used my favorite bullion in the pot to cook the noodles. i am very happy with these delicious noodles and the price was outrageously good.
LesliMurdock, IL