Ammonia powder is a leavening agent that is ground to a powder for baking purposes. Primarily, it is used for baking cookies and puff pastries. During baking it will give off an aroma that will quickly dissapear.

Quick facts

  • Net weight 1-ounce
  • Used as a leavening agent
  • Ground to a powder for baking purposes
  • Used for baking cookies and puff pastries

Top reviews

ammonia cooking

Gosh I have been looking for this stuff forever. Got here fast and worked great to make my husbands great granny’s ammonia cookies that he has been craving for 60 years.
AjaCouderay, WI

product is working very well

Product is working very well, I am glad to use it. Very good quality and reasonable price. Easy to use.
AmieLacombe, LA

the best for cookies.

My wife uses this all the time and was unable to finded it, now we have a supply, for some time.
ThiGarrison, MN