Amore Tomato Paste – 4.5 oz

Double Concentrated. Product of Italy.

Quick facts

  • With the real essence of ripe tomatoes
  • Bold, vibrant, and zesty flavor
  • Brings an unmistakably authentic Italian flavor to whatever dishes you create with it

Top reviews

Overhyped and inferior

The tomato flavor is inferior, the taste is extremely acidic compared to others, and there is a weird, sweet-metallic aftertaste. Even a small amount taints everything it is used in with the odd aftertaste, which I assume comes from the packaging. I am throwing the remainder of the tube away and using a canned brand from now on. Even if I throw away half the can, it would be less expensive, and more edible. When compared to home-made tomato paste, or even cheap canned brands, this product simply doesn’t measure up.
ArchieIrvington, IL

It lasts!

If you buy tomatoe paste in a can, you always find yourself having to throw some away because you could not use it all up in time. I have never had to throw away any tomatoe paste that came in a tube. It stays fresh till it is all used up. It adds great taste to your food.
TeressaWest Orange, NJ

Waste Not, Want Not

At first I was a little taken aback by the price of this item (more in my grocery store), but once I bought it I was definitely pleased. I always found myself throwing the majority of those little cans of tomato paste away, because I never used more than a little bit at once. With this product you can squeeze out what you need, put the cap back on and save the rest for next time (and next time, and next time!). A great way to always have what you need on hand, and eliminate wasting food.
LashandaMount Olive, WV

Great Stuff!

The is a winner! It’s very convenient, and has all the taste you’re looking for. Somewhere in my magazine reviews, I read that this was the #1 choice for flavor. I tried a couple other brands to decide for myself…I’m a believer…try it…you’ll like it.
HortenseMarion Heights, PA

Very convenient

The tomato paste in a tube is really easy to use and nice when you only need a small portion.
IkeMarion, IL

Great value, fast shipping!

I’ve have always hated opening a 6 ounce can of tomato paste for 2 Tbsp., only to throw the rest away. My daughter introduced me to tomato paste in a tube and I will use it from now on. I found this paste to be rich, easy to use and a great value, storing the tube in my refrigerator.
JaninaLeander, KY

Convenience in a tube and no more waste

I have a crock pot recipe that we love, but it calls for 3 tablespoons of tomato paste. I would always end up throwing away the rest of the can of tomato paste. Then I saw on Food Network Brian Boitano cooking (who knew he could cook?) and he used a tube of tomato paste. I ordered two tubes of Amore Italian Tomato Paste, it was exactly what I wanted. I used 3 tablespoons, put the rest in the fridge and the dish tasted great. I highly recommend Amore Italian Tomato Paste in a tube.
NickHardin, MO

Happy Recepie solution to wasted paste

I was pleased to find this on Amazon. I didn’t want to buy in bulk and was not able to locate it locally.
Very happy
ScottShady Side, MD

Great Idea – Great Product

The idea of putting tomato paste in a tube was just inspired. Many recipes don’t require an entire can, just enough for flavor. This manufacturer just happens to have made the very most of that idea. Love it!
LiaCentreville, MS


I love using tomato paste in a tube and this is great!! It’s hard to find in stores in my area and Amazon has everything!!!I can use as much as I want and keep the rest in the fridge. Amore Italian Tomato Paste — 4.5 oz
ValeriaPiedmont, OH


Spent WAY too much buying this online when it eventually showed in all the local groceries. The product itself is very good, rated the highest on America’s Test Kitchen for taste
MellissaJenkinsville, SC

This is the one.

I read in an Italian cookbook that this was the best widely available tomato paste. It is.

A taste-test alone confirms that this is a robust, full, tomato-tasting paste. I’ve used it in spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, and various red sauces, casseroles, stews, soups, crock-pot recipes, and potroasts.

It’s also economical. Though it’s more expensive than the can of generic tomato paste, it comes in a resealable tube. You never have to throw any out!

It’s the little things that make a good recipe great. This paste is one of those little things.

BonnieLakemont, GA

Amore Italian Tomato Paste

Very good product. Tried another brand and when I got it the instructions were in a foreign language and had a weird taste. The Amore is very good.
CiaraNassawadox, VA

Smarter Tomato Paste

I saw on one of the cooking shows where they used Tomato Paste in a tube. I liked the idea. Most of the time my recipe doesn’t call for a lot of Tomato Paste. Even the small cans available at the grocery store are too much and I end up wasting the unused portion. This product in a tube allows me to use the amount I wish and save the balance. In addition this is a very good product.
AleaseElm Springs, SD