Amoretti Premium Christmas Syrups 50ml 3 Pack

The Amoretti Christmas 3-Pack contains a 50ml bottle of each of our Peppermint syrup, Gingerbread syrup, and Eggnog syrup. Although these flavors are synonymous with the Christmas season, this is actually our best 3-pack seller all year around! These Amoretti® flavored syrups will certainly add some holiday spirit to any hot or cold beverage, from fresh brewed coffee or tea to steamed milk, any time of year. An Amoretti® Christmas syrups 3-Pack would be welcomed by anyone on your gift list, regardless of the occasion. They are the perfect size for holiday stocking stuffers, but they can also be given away at birthday parties, company picnics and team building seminars.

Quick facts

  • Ideal for coffee, tea, soda, seltzer, iced tea, cocktails, etc
  • Made with natural flavor
  • Proudly made in Southern California
  • 3.5 servings per 50ml bottle
  • 50ml bottles are PERFECT for gifts and travel

Top reviews

Excellent Quality With Some Holiday Flavor…

This Amoretti premium syrup pack contains 3 bottles with Christmas themed flavors: Peppermint, Eggnog and Gingerbread. The bottles are 50ml (1.7 oz) and each provide about 6 servings per use making the total pack good for about 18 uses.

This pack was brought to go along side with a milk frothing machine I purchased for my mother to make espresso and whipped cream with. Each syrup is exceptional quality and imparts a nice subtle flavor into the milk/cream. Despite being syrups, it doesn’t overpower you with sugar. Instead you get a bit of flavoring added into the drink or milk/cream froth which pairs especially well with coffee (since it doesn’t overpower the natural flavor of the coffee). While all three are delicious, Gingerbread happens to be my personal favorite while Peppermint is my mother’s.

These make a perfect gift for someone who loves to make their own milk foam / cream, or even to add a bit of Christmas flavor to other drinks. It also makes for a good sample pack to test out the quality of Amoretti Syrups; And I find the quality to be exceptional. Don’t be put off by the small bottles either. While you only get 50ml (1.7 oz) for each flavor, you don’t need much of the syrup to get some nice subtle flavor.

RickeyClay Center, OH

Delicious syrup – small bottles

All three of these syrups are absolutely delicious in coffee and cocoa. Just be aware that they are stocking stuffer-sized, as is stated in the description. It’s a good way to try the flavors and see which one you like. I’m adoring the peppermint syrup in cocoa – very minty and not too sweet. The eggnog flavor makes a wonderful, light eggnog simply mixed with whole milk and either rum or brandy, minus many of the calories. A splash of the gingerbread syrup in chai tea boosts the flavor and adds a touch of sweetness.
EstellAmo, IN

Single Serving Sample size before you buy the big one

These are a good way to try out flavors before buying the big 750ml guys. The Gingerbread is very floral, I used the entire thing in a large 14oz coffee and didn’t need to use any sugar at all. The peppermint is a true gourmet candy cane flavor that I love most in a whit hot chocolate. Haven’t tried the eggnog yet… We have the full size 750ml Pumpkin Pie Spice and that one is the best!
CherelleShreve, OH

This is a very small amount of coffee syrup….

As usual, Amazon continues to impress with the delivery service. I live in Sicily (Italy) and have already received my product…..only a 3 day wait.

The syrups are tasty. I rated them down due to their very small sizes—-we’re talking a small stocking stuffer here. All 3 bottles may (with careful measuring) yeild 8 servings (1 cup, if you please—–not your typical java mug). Java mugs? Maybe 6, if you like your flavoring subtle. Perhaps the seller could price this product DOWN a bit? Then I could give more stars…..

MagdalenSteuben, ME


Good sampler. Only enough for perhaps 3-4 cups of coffee per bottle. My fav is Gingerbread. The flavor is not like candy flavors but instead blends with the coffee to harmonize flavor notes. I am hooked on flavored coffee.
SharanCrawfordville, FL