Amoretti Premium Sugar Free Flavoring, Dark Chocolate, 25.4 Ounce

Amoretti Premium Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Flavoring is manufactured from natural ingredients, contains no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners, and it is certified kosher. It is a little thinner than our regular dark chocolate syrup, but is still so flavorful, you know you’re not sacrificing flavor for lower calories. We know your first inclination will be to drizzle it over a scoop of sugar free ice cream, diet gelato, or light frozen yogurt, but with a less sweet, dark chocolate flavor combined with only 15 calories per serving, wouldn’t it be the perfect way to reduce the calorie count on your favorite cheesecake, egg custard (flan) or New Orleans style bread pudding? Because of its semi- sweet, more intense chocolate flavor, Amoretti Premium Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Flavoring delivers fantastic flavor when stirred into a cup of black coffee to create a low calorie mocha, or mixed into a mug of steamed fat free milk for a special low calorie hot chocolate beverage. I bet you and your friends would enjoy a Cappuccino Cascade; a blend of your favorite espresso, Amoretti Premium Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Flavoring and Amoretti Premium Sugar Free Amaretto Flavoring. Add it to fat free milk and no sugar added ice cream to create an outstanding, yet very low calorie milkshake, or a selection of fresh or frozen fruit, light yogurt, and ice to make a health conscious smoothie. Feel free to order as many different Amoretti sugar free flavorings as you wish and create recipes to suit your taste. With so many available, the possibilities are endless! We’re sure that you’ll be delighted with Amoretti products. If you’re not, contact us and we’ll make it right.

Quick facts

  • Made with natural flavors
  • Only 15 calories per serving, and about 62 servings per bottle
  • Contains no artificial sweeteners
  • Will not curdle milk
  • Perfectly complements any of your gourmet beverage creations

Top reviews

Peculiar aftertaste

In my search for a decent sugar-free syrup, I bought six of Amoretti’s sugar free syrups including this one, to try on my coffee. I’d say this Dark Choco and Amaretto are probably the best of the Amorettis I’ve tried, but they are still, gross. It says “All Natural Flavors,” but when I tried it, there was this unpleasant aftertaste and smell that began after about 5 seconds and lingered for minutes, just like the other Amorettis. It’s hard to describe the aftertaste, but it is similar to “cough syrup.”

I searched the bottle to see what they used, but there was nothing on the bottle. I searched the web, and there is nothing. Apparently, this peculiar aftertaste is a trade secret. I wonder what kind of “natural” preservative was used.

The syrup is also very “watery” in consistency, and not “syrupy.”

To be fair, my wife says it is decent, but for me, these are totally gross. There is just nothing like a real sugared syrup. Anything else is still a dream.

HenrietteTabiona, UT


This is heavenly in espresso! One pump of this sugar-free dark chocolate syrup and my mornings are now sweeter without sugar or artificial sweeteners.

I hesitated to buy this because of a previous experience with a different brand, but I shouldn’t have worried. The Amoretti’s has a wonderful dark chocolate flavor to it with a touch of sweetness, though not heavily so.

Note that Amoretti’s customer service is also splendid. I wasn’t sure what they meant when they said no artificial sweeteners, concerned that there might be sweeteners called ‘natural’ (but that really aren’t). They called me and let me know the good news – no sweeteners of any kind. Apparently, their (Amoretti’s) extract process allows some sweetness through, but they add none.

There are a few calories (15) and carbs (4g) per serving, but so worth it.

The cost may seem a bit high compared to other syrups, but not only is this of the highest quality, a pump is included.

Let me repeat myself – so worth it!

MargartGrimsley, TN