Amoretti Premium Syrup, Root Beer, 25.4 Ounce

Our proprietary method utilizes the natural flavor of sassafras root and bark, along with a selection of herbs and spices, to create Amoretti Premium Root Beer Syrup. You can use it to make beverages and frozen treats, or to add a dash of flavor to any gourmet creation. We start with only the finest and freshest ingredients to bring you the best flavors nature has to offer. Amoretti Premium Root Beer Syrup contains no artificial flavors or colors, no artificial sweeteners, no high fructose corn syrup, and is certified kosher. It is richer and more concentrated than any competitive brand, so 1 pump of Amoretti Premium Root Beer Syrup gives you more delicious flavor than two, three, or more pumps of competitive brands! You can make a root beer to rival any store bought beverage using Amoretti Premium Root Beer Syrup, your favorite sweetener, and club soda or seltzer water, and you have the freedom to adjust the sweetness and strength to your own taste. Amoretti Premium Root Beer Syrup is also safe to use with most home carbonating equipment. Once the root beer has been made, can root beer floats or Black Cows be far behind? Amoretti Premium Root Beer Syrup, blended with your preferred cooking oil and an acid such as wine or citrus juice, can be a prime ingredient in marinades for chicken, pork or beef. Amoretti Premium Root Beer Syrup can also be used to create a glaze for finishing baby back ribs, pork chops, lamb shanks or chicken wings on the grill. The culinary possibilities for Amoretti Premium Root Beer Syrup are limited only by your imagination. Use it to create uncommonly good beverages from sodas to root beer floats. Use it as a flavor ingredient in homemade dairy products and baked goods. Make delicious marinades and glazes to use at your home barbecues. Any way you decide to use it, Amoretti is confident you’ll enjoy your creations.

Quick facts

  • Made with natural flavor
  • Only 35 calories per serving and 62 servings per bottle
  • Free pump included
  • Delicious syrup for latte, tea, coffee, smoothies, Italian soda and desserts
  • Proudly made in Southern California

Top reviews

Great packaging, authentic taste, fabulous customer service

Having used Torani syrups in the past to make Italian Soda, we were excited to try this Root Beer syrup from Amoretti. The shipping was fast and we love that the bottle had a sleek, attractive design that we wouldn’t mind leaving out, but was also break resistant plastic. It’s also great that Amoretti includes the pumps, so you don’t have to purchase them separately.

At first, we had some trouble getting the “soda” flavor just right, but the customer service at Amoretti is OUTSTANDING and they gave us tips, like first putting a little soda in the glass, then adding the syrup and stirring until dissolved, THEN adding the rest of the soda. This way, the flavor is well blended without losing the fizziness. Also, with the Amoretti syrups, they are more concentrated, so be sure you start with a bit less than what you might normally use. Lastly, we have discovered that different brands of Club Soda or carbonated water sometimes cause variation in the flavor. For example, we don’t care for Canada Dry.

This flavor is a more “authentic” natural type of root beer flavor than what most of us are used to drinking in processed soda. You get a lot of flavor without having to make the soda very sweet. So if you’re used to sweet, it does take a little getting used to. But considering how much better this in terms of caloric intake and natural sugars instead of HFCS, it’s worth the adjustment. I also look forward to trying this in warm drinks, such as tea, when the weather cools off in the Fall. And maybe even finding some creative ways to bake with it.

If you are new to making seltzer or Italian Soda with syrups, try some fruit flavors first. The Amoretti Cherry and Watermelon flavors are AWESOME.

DannieDucor, CA

Tastes like candy Root Beer Barrels; best as topping, not drinks

Has a little bit of a zing to it — like candy root beer barrels instead of a full-bodied root beer drink — but tasty. Better as a topping than for making drinks, by my taste.
KenyattaChevak, AK

Flavor is OK, Not Great

The quality of the syrup is good, but the flavor seems to have this odd sort of aftertaste that reminds me of wintergreen lifesavers. The syrup is a little heavier than other syrups – that’s fine. Nobody at my house is lining up to make root beer with this Amoretti syrup.
EdithEast Claridon, OH