AMP Energy Gum Citrus Flavor 12 packs

Get a box of 12 packs with 10 pieces in each pack of caffeine energy gum.

Quick facts

  • AMP Energy Gum Sugar free 12 packs
  • Citrus Flavor
  • Caffeine, Taurine, Vitamin B
  • 12 packs of gum with 10 pieces in each one

Top reviews

Best tasting caffene gum by far

Tastes very similiar to the Amp Energy drink but slightly better. Kind of like if you mixed Mountain Dew with Sprite. Much better than the mint flavored Jolt gum which tastes like mint gum with a horrible after taste. Plus it is actually sugar-free which is better on the teeth
JoanOsterburg, PA

Great Energy Gum

My husband loves this gum! Can no longer find it at the conveince stores 🙁 Hard to find any place else for that matter, but here. Please don’t stop selling it, I like to make my husband happy!!!
GlennisRichfield, ID


Can not seem to find it local… and now it has been out of stock here….too bad!
I really like the fruity flavor.
EdmondOrleans, MA

great gum i have few packs

i have a few packs of these .. i sold alot on ebay . look up on there prob.. have few more .. they sell fast when i put them up .jammer232001 at yahoo. co m
SetsukoAragon, NM

amp energy gum cirtus

gum is great. will buy somemore later. i would tell everybody to buy this product. i cant find this local.
StaceyEagle Rock, VA


Thank you for the Amp gum.. It keeps me going all day long :)I hope I can continue to buy it and it is not a product that will just “disappear”
AudrieElkhart Lake, WI

Very good gum

This gum is hard to chew at first because of its hardness, but it softens up fast and tastes great. Can’t really tell if i received any energy from it. Fast shipping too.
EldridgeOcean Beach, NY