Amy’s Light in Sodium Organic Refried Black Beans, 15.4-Ounce Cans

Light in sodium. 50% Less sodium than our regular beans (Contains 220 mg of sodium compared to 440 mg in Amy’s Regular Refried Black Beans. USDA Organic. Ready to serve refried black beans, light in sodium. Tacos filled with refried beans, cheese and salad are one of our family’s favorite meals. Now we (and our customers) can enjoy these tacos knowing that the beans are organic, as well as delicious. Prepare your favorite Mexican dish with these delicious Organic Refried Black Beans. Responding to customer requests, our chefs have created a line of Light in sodium beans with all the flavor and goodness of our regular refried beans, but containing 50% less sodium. No trans fat. No added MSG. No preservatives. No GMOs; no bioengineered ingredients. Certified organic by QAI. Vegan.

Quick facts

  • 50% less sodium
  • Organic lightly seasoned black beans
  • No GMOs, low fat, no gluten ingredients, no cholesterol & vegan
  • High in protein and fiber

Top reviews

MSG reaction??

Has anyone had an MSG reaction to these? I know they say that they don’t add any msg, but the last two times I’ve had these, I’ve had a definite MSG reaction. Perhaps it is one of those “hidden” msg ingredients.
RanaBeaver Dam, KY

Make sure you taste these locally before ordering a 12 pack!

I love Amy’s foods but the taste of these beans are not my favorite. They taste way different than other refried black bean companies. I think its that they are sweeter? Not sure but make sure you like the flavor before ordering. I just assumed I would and now I am forcing 12 cans of beans down my throat that I don’t really care for.

Nothing against Amy’s or these beans. Just preference.

VicentaEast Nassau, NY


RutheSand Fork, WV

Worst I have had

This is the strangest tasting Amy’s brand (or any other brand I have ever tried) refried black beans I have ever ate. I have tried every brand that I ever found, it this one just tastes odd, and I like the regular Amy’s refried black beans. I think it is all the extra ingredients, specifically the green bell pepper and onion that give it such an odd sweet flavor, but I am not sure as I have never studied the ingredients before. Under lying that sweetness is just a bland, non existent, “watery” flavor that does nothing for me. I would have preferred a spicy flavor, so I have to add my own. I will not reorder.
LatoniaHostetter, PA

superb for nachos and tacos!

If you like refried beans that taste like just beans, no major spiciness or additional veggie ingredients, you will like these. These refried beans are hearty and easy to use in a variety of recipes. And with the lower sodium count, you are more likely to be able to incorporate these into a low-salt diet.

I use these for nachos. I spread the beans on organic corn tortilla chips, top the whole thing with about a 1/4 portion of cheese (by that, I mean that I use maybe 1/4 of a cup for a 2-person portion; I guess you could say that I am cutting cheese out of my diet as much as possible), and stick it all in the oven for a few minutes, just long enough for the cheese to melt and the beans to warm up.

Then I top the baked result with organic salsa.


These beans make great bean-n-cheese tacos, too.

Healthy and delicous–enjoy!

JesusitaEast Lansing, MI

11 of 12 cans dented!

This is the second time that I have order a case of these beans. The first time a couple of the cans were dented. With the order that arrived yesterday 11 of the 12 cans were dented.

All the packaging was intact with no crushing on the box. 11 of the 12 cans were dented – some horribly. It is clear to me that the seller is providing seconds – which are then being passed along. While they MAY be safe – I don’t want to take that chance – and they were not advertised as “scratch and dent” type item.

Update: Contacted AMZ as item not eligible for return. They told me to keep or throw away the dented cans and they sent me a replacement case in 2 days. All cans in good shape on replacement.

Great product – the glitch was somewhere in the order filling process. We will continue to buy this product.

SusanaBrewster, KS

Best ever, and gives me lots of low cost energy

My taste buds aren’t ruined with fast food salt and grease. I LOVE being able to taste real food with Amy’s unsalted brand. They use such good tasting ingredients I can enjoy these refried beans, even without adding salsa. Noticed I wouldn’t be hungry for a long time after eating a few tacos made with these beans. That’s a huge deal when someone has low blood sugar issues. Nice to just live my day instead of constantly trying to eat small meals to keep sugar levels from crashing.

I keep a case of cans at work with some taco shells so I always have a quick, cheap meal on hand.

KarinBrookline Station, MO

very good

This is a great product, lower sodium than traditional canned refried beans, organic, and just plain great! I use these as a simple side dish, or put them on tortillas and make a quick lunch or dinner. The price is also cheaper than if I bought a can individually every time I wanted some.
MuiNewport, TN

Great product, even better price

These refried black beans are amazing. The spices are just right and perfect for everything. Also, the price on Amazon is the best I’ve found. We were paying more than $3 per can at Whole Foods, but can get them shipped free for around $2 per can through Amazon. We’re already on our second case!
MarkusRoyse City, TX


So much better than regular refried beans! I like the regular better than the light in sodium…I just add some salt and it’s great. Makes awesome nachos!
ArleneWest Somerset, KY

We love Amy’s Refried Black Beans!

We eat an average of two can’s a week of the black refried beans. They are awesome!
LesleyBarclay, MD

Love these beans

These are delicious! So much better than the ones I used to buy. My whole family agrees. These were one of the first organic canned foods we tried and YUM, they are the best. I buy them by the case and they go pretty fast.
LouieLocust, NC

My favorite canned refried beans

Love these, and it’s SO HARD to find lower-sodium products that still taste good. Now if I can just get Garden of Eatin to stop over-salting my favorite tortilla chips…
TomikaLuther, MI

Oh, yeah….

The only refried beans I ate for the longest time were off the supermarket shelf. They were okay — I didn’t know any better. Then I tried these bad boys from the people at Amy’s and now I’m a believer. They taste sooooo much better than the supermarket ones and the black beans in this products are better for you than the pinto beans used in most grocery store refried beans. Plus, my cat loves Amy’s Refried Black Beans! What more could you want!
DesireeTriangle, VA

Don’t Penalize Us for One Bad Shipment

I have ordered these Beans from Amazon multiple times with no problem in shipping. I want to order more, as I do every few months, and I am getting penalized for one bad order. Please reconsider and make them available again!
TrinityArlington, WI