Amy’s Organic Chili, Spicy, 14.7 Ounce

Amy’s Kitchen is a family business, with every member of the family taking part. The company was started in 1987, when Amy was born. Her mom and dad, Rachel and Andy Berliner, carefully nurtured the company as well as the child, paying constant attention to every aspect of its day to day activities and providing the vision that has made Amy’s so successful. At Amy’s Kitchen, we make food in much the same way as you do at home. We start out with the freshest, organic vegetables we can find. We purchase high quality pastas, grains, beans and hormone free dairy from cows that are pasture raised. We make everything by hand. Our sauces are prepared in stages; first by heating oil, then adding aromatics and followed by fresh veggies and tomatoes. All the ingredients cook slowly until they reach their fullest flavor. In addition to their delicious taste, none of our products contain any GMO ingredients, so you can be sure the food you are eating is safe as well as nutritious.

Quick facts

  • Organic red beans and tofu in a spicy Mexican sauce
  • Made from wholesome, natural ingredients and prepared with the same careful attention you use at home
  • Good source of protein and fiber
  • USDA certified organic
  • No GMO ingredients

Top reviews

Tastes good, but BPA is a dangerous toxin

This product contains BPA, which is known to be very dangerous to health. The following is a quote from the Wikipedia article on BPA:

“Bisphenol A is an endocrine disruptor, which can mimic the body’s own hormones and may lead to negative health effects.[23][24][25][26] Early development appears to be the period of greatest sensitivity to its effects.[27] Regulatory bodies have determined safety levels for humans, but those safety levels are currently being questioned or under review as a result of new scientific studies.[28][29]

In 2009 the The Endocrine Society released a scientific statement expressing concern over current human exposure to BPA.[30]”

The Wikipedia article is much longer and contains lots of information on BPA. It’s all bad news. Amy’s canned products all contain BPA. This is unfortunate because Amy’s recipes are good tasting. Amy’s is aware of the problem and have been “researching it” for years now. But they can’t seem to get around to removing this dangerous poison from their products.

It’s not worth the risk to yourself, your children, and your unborn children. So please avoid this product and any other that contains BPA. When Amy’s does the right thing and stops using BPA in their canned products, they’ll be fit to eat. But not until then.

Update: See comments section for an update to this review.

LoisMarionville, MO

Organic Chili

Length:: 0:22 Mins

This is a tasty, spicy meat free organic chili.

Highly recommended, even just a little try.

MyPittsfield, ME

Cans are Dented. This can be a health risk

I bought Amy’s spicy Organic Chilli straight from amazon. It said Ships from and sold by

And I loved the soup, its amazing but every single can was dented. I dont think I’m ever going to buy any can foods from amazon ever again. Some of the dents were really bad and you can die if you eat some of the cans they send.

GilberteBrownsville, TX

Vegan Organic Kosher Choice

Vegan. Organic. Kosher. Hot. Spicy. Not ‘extreme hotness’, but up there. Comparable to ‘hot’ at a Thai restaurant for Americans. Add more of your own favorite chilis and call the fire department. Fantastic over rice or with tortilla chips. Wonderful vegan taco filling. Also available in lower sodium Amy’s Light in Sodium Organic Spicy Chili, 14.7-Ounce Can (Pack of 12) and medium Amy’s Organic Medium Chili, 14.7 Ounces (Pack of 12). Six star company. Another vegan wonder from Amy’s kitchen! This review is out there for those for whom this makes a difference. See all of my reviews for more great choices. Check out “Vegan Grocery Favorites” and “Vegan Grocery Top Ten” in Listmania. Your “helpful” votes count and will be greatly appreciated to benefit the search of others. Thank you.
LorineLadson, SC

The only chili I haven’t liked…


I’m easy to please when it comes to chili. I’ve enjoyed everything from cartons of Wendy’s fast food chili to home-made gourmet vegetarian chili. In fact: until now, I thought it was near to impossible for me to be unsatisfied by anything even approximating a chili. This afternoon, I was craving a bowl but also felt to lazy to make up a batch of my own. As I’ve been pleased by many Amy’s products in the past, I thought I’d spring for a can of spicy Amy’s chili. Well, that was a mistake! I was grossly unsatisfied by a chili. Its spicy and also sweet, and not much else. The only reason that I finished my bowl was because I hate throwing food away. I’m starting to think that sugar is the secret ingredient in a lot of Amy’s products (at least with this chili and a lot of their soups: especially tomato), and given the nature of the product I find that deeply frustrating! Obviously I am in the minority by disliking this chili, given the many positive reviews, but you may not want to buy a lot of it until you know you like it!

Best regards,

PokWallingford, CT

Can you say sweet

I think that this chili is an aquired taste. The first time was ugh, gonna have to throw these away. The second time eating it was better. I think this could be a really good product if they dropped the sugar content down. The spicyness is a good warm feel. but not take your breathe away hot by any means. It was also a little thinner than I had hoped for, I tend to like my chili thicker so it stays piled up on a spoon. Overall the taste of the spices were pretty good, except for the sugar of course.
AngelesSpringfield, IL

only can chili I’ve ever liked!!

I am a very picky chili eater so obviously I make my own chili but on a friend’s suggestion I found out this is the only can chili I have ever eaten that has a home-cooked flavor and it’s spicy too! The term ‘organic’ would be laughed at in my house and yet this is a favorite meal… with cornbread or by adding elbow macaroni to make a great chili mac! Take it from this non-health food nut… this is worth a try!! Amy’s Organic Spicy Chili, 14.7-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)
JeannieHanna, WY

Instant Dinner

A can of this chili and a few toppings: sour cream, onions, cheese, avocado, makes for a perfect dinner. Honestly, this chili is better than most chili made with meat.
OllieWhitewood, VA

I love this stuff!

And it loves me … It tastes just as good as its meaty cousin, and as I don’t eat meat, I don’t miss the cousin! I put chopped cilantro, onions, and some sour cream on top and I’m having a good time.
AdolfoLake Hamilton, FL

good chili, but a little sweet

This is the spicy version of the Amy’s chili line, and it is pretty tasty. Soy “beef” makes it look as hearty as “real” chili, and the taste is decent. The beans are perfectly cooked, and the sauce is a great consistency, not as thick as paste or thin as soup broth. This is a good chili to have with grated cheese, onions, and a side of cornbread. The only thing I’d change is make it less sweet. It’s like someone thought, “hey, we’ve gotta keep this from being TOO spicy. What can we do? Oh, yeah! Make it sweeter!” Not my idea of top-notch, but it’s not terrible. I add a pinch of salt to mine, and it’s perfect.


PatriaCarbon, IN

Good Stuff From a Chili Head

I was pretty leary considering this is a no meat product. I have been making my own chili since I was in my 20s and am not a vegetarian. This chile is very good for a canned chili and I have tried almost every brand. I really had a hard time believing this was vegan and organic to boot. The Tofu “meat” really makes it seem like “real” Chili. I highly recommend this
SiobhanBelfair, WA

Tasty, though a bit pricey

This chili is pretty tasty, and it’s a great option for people who are vegetarian or vegan but who don’t have the time, skills, or desire to cook for themselves. I wouldn’t describe this chili as spicy, but I think that’s might be more of a personal taste. My one qualm is that this chili is a bit expensive at about $3.00/can. When I bought the case at Costco, it was probably about a dollar cheaper per can, but overall a decent value, as one can=one meal for me.
MichalNew Richmond, WI

The Best in The West

Admit it: during finals, when the baby will not stop crying, or when you are moving into a new place, you may want to avoid cooking at almost all costs. You want to avoid using the microwave sometimes too. You may not even have a microwave unpacked, or if you step away the baby will scream again. You may not believe in a microwave and cannot bring yourself to throw a pot on the stove for times sake. I am familiar with all of these situations, yes I am even a mom and a late start student. And you probably have been in a similar, if not the same, situation. In my personal opinion, this chili is good enough to eat from the can. Strangely, during this semesters finals, I found that experience moving enough to bring me in to write a review. This chili perfect, in my Californian opinion. I would say the best in the west, it is organic, spicy, perfectly sweet, and made just north of me in Petaluma. Come on now, this is what I will want to eat when the next natural disaster hits. This is what I will keep sitting in the back and not mind if it is 10 years old, canned food has that secret 30 year shelf life, and I will eat this. This is it 🙂 Okay, sounds a little too passionate, but I am a big Amy’s fan. The can liner has brought up debate, but the canned foods are the only ones with any form of BPA. Frankly, at least they are upfront about it. The rest of the products have not had the issue. By now the BPA may not even be in there, the issue is some years old now. Good and bad things considered, I still buy this chili. I love it!
VellaWest Union, OH

healthy product

The chili is only slightly spicy. It contains no meat but the flavor and texture is good. I consider this to be a much healthier product than meat based chilis.
FlorineSimms, TX


I love this chili! I’ve seen Amy’s products in the supermarket and have been really tempted to purchase any of their products. I’ve had other meatless products that were awful but this was entirely different experience. I’ts spicy but still holds it flavor and you would never know it’s meatless. I Will definitely order this again.
RhodaWard, SC


I love Amy’s brand natural foods. The Spicy Organic Chili does not disappoint! It’s a fantastic base, but just slightly bland (IMHO) by itself. To perk it up, I add freshly chopped veggies and chili paste.

Also- it’s great that I can order this online. It’s cheaper than the natural foods store, and someone else gets to lug it up to my third floor condo. 🙂

RosalieNuremberg, PA

The BEST CHILI ever!

My family loves this chili so much that I totally gave up cooking my own. This just can’t be beat. It’s one of our favorite meals and we are having it tonight. I love being able to keep it on hand easily by buying at Amazon.
CarltonChignik Lake, AK

Best Chili Period – from a Chili Expert!

I am a very picky chili eater and I love this chili! I eat it a lot and it’s very flavorful. The spiciness adds a great kick and it’s organic so I can’t say anything bad about it at all. I’ve tried others and they don’t compare – they are mushy or too bland. This is really good – trust me!
AdeliaWestport, IN


I add a little extra pepper when I’m heating it up (I like it REALLY spicy). It’s great on a baked potato with a little sour cream for a quick and relatively healthy dinner.
ChadSmithville, WV