Anchor Bar Suicidal Wing Sauce

The Original Sauce that made Buffalo Chicken wings famous. Suicide Flavor offered in a 12oz bottle

Quick facts

  • Heat Level 9

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Heat–but not suicidal?

I enjoy puchasing Anchor Bar wing sauce. In case the reader does not know it, the Anchor Bar in Buffalo is the home of the Buffalo chicken wing. It was invented on the fly way back when. And Buffalo wings continue to be popular in Buffalo and elsewhere.

The Anchor Bar still serves wings, although I haven’t been there in many years (they used to have live jazz a couple nights each week, adding to the ambience). My experience includes a helping of “hot” wings before seeing a hockey match featuring the Buffalo Sabres with some friends. And, yikes! It burned, brought a huge amount of heat. The bottled “hotter” sauce that I had previously tried turns out to be more like a mild to medium batch of sauce. So I ordered the “suicidal” to see if it matched the actual hot sauce at the Bar. My son and I wimped out though, and mixed some hotter sauce with the suicidal. The end product did have some heat–but nothing like actual hot sauce served at the Anchor Bar itself. Next time, my son and I will try chicken wings with ONLY the suicidal sauce and give it a fair test as to how close it comes the real hot sauce from the Bar.

Anyhow, we enjoyed our chicken wings a lot with half hotter sauce and half suicidal. But the true test is yet to come!

CarolynAnnada, MO