Ancient Harvest Quinoa Shells, 8-Ounce Boxes

Supergrain. Wheat free. Very low sodium! Cholesterol free! Delicious corn-quinoa-blend! Light. Delicious. Gluten-free pasta. Cooks in 4-6 minutes! This product is packed by weight, not by volume. Some pasta shapes may not completely fill this package and/or settling may occur during shipping. A tiny grain no bigger than a mustard seed once fed an ancient civilization which stretched from the seacoast of Chile to the snow-capped peaks of the Peruvian Andes – the vast Inca Empire. The Incas called it Quinoa, The Mother Grain. So sacred was quinoa to the Incas that each year the mighty Inca ruler himself planted the first row of Quinoa with a solid gold spade. As rugged as the Andes, Quinoa has flourished in cultivation for over 5,000 years. Today this ancient South American grain is being heralded as the Supergrain of the future. Now you can enjoy the rich, nutty flavor of Ancient Harvest Quinoa combined with a natural blend of corn flours in this delicious, highly nutrition pasta. Ancient Harvest Wheat-free Supergrain Pasta is gluten-free. It’s loaded with protein, very low in sodium and cooks in 4-6 minutes. Once you try our amazing new pasta you’ll never go back to plain noodles again. What is Quinoa? Quinoa stands alone as a complete grain. It supplies all the essential amino acids in a balanced pattern. Here is a nutritional analysis of quinoa compared with other grains, and an amino acid breakdown of quinoa, wheat and soy compared to the ideal reference pattern for evaluating protein as compiled by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. Product of U.S.A.

Quick facts

  • Contains quinoa shells 8 ounce boxes in each 12 boxes
  • The nutty flavor of ancient harvest quinoa combined with a natural blend of corn flours
  • Supplies all the essential amino acids
  • Originated in USA

Top reviews

gummy and hard

While I like their spaghetti-style pasta, the shells don’t seem to cook right. No matter how long I boil them – the package says 6-9 mins but I’ve gone up to 12 – they seem hard, chewy and uncooked. Then they go straight from under done to falling apart in hard, still under-done bits. save your money!
BrandeGrand Chenier, LA

Great, once you get used to the texture….

Quinoa pasta is great. It just takes a bit longer to cook. A word of caution, don’t use in a slow-cooker or you’ll have a thick soup with no noodles whatsoever!
ValeriWoody Creek, CO


I have a tried a lot of gluten-free pastas and this is one of the best. Not only is it made with quinoa, which is a complete protein, it tastes like regular wheat pasta. I’m addicted to this stuff.
FlorRaymond, WA

Great Pasta at a great price

I got this b/c my 3yr old loves to eat noodles and I wanted to try and get some protein in when she ate ‘plain noodles.’ It taste great and she eats it just like other pastas, it doesn’t re-heat very well and she wouldn’t eat the left overs b/c they were too hard. But other than that I love the product and it is much cheaper to buy on Amazon than at the grocery stores at $2.69-$3.39 per box.
RoderickEnnis, MT

Good gluten free option

I don’t know why, but I only really like the shells of this brand. The shape makes them less mushy than the others. It seems like they can stay a little bit hard in spots after cooking, but they taste great. Good substitute for regular shells and quinoa is a very healthy grain. For spaghetti, I would go with the corn instead (Mrs Leepers makes a great one).
FilomenaTaneytown, MD


Absolutely delicious! I believe the trick to Quinoa pasta is that alone it doesn’t really have a great taste – kind of plain. But it soaks the flavor of whatever you prepare it with. Had great results cooking it with olive oil, onions, garlic, and salt.
LuanneWeston, MA


I am quite a fan of the shells. They cool well and have a lovely nutty flavor.
IvanBagley, WI

Quinoa has 10 essential amino acids

I purchased this pasta because my son is on a gluten-free diet. The entire family loves this quinoa-corn blend. Cooks great, tastes great, texture is fine. Very nutritious!
PabloRutherford, CA

Not loving the shells

We’ve had the pagodas, and they were great, but when we cooked the shells they totally fell apart and they weren’t even done yet!
TwanaAbsecon, NJ

Ancient Harvest Quinoa Shells

Love the tast of all of the Quinoa pastas. My daughter and I have an allergy to wheat/gluten. I am always looking to save some money, as those of you know you are always paying too much for too little. Amazon is one of the few places that I can buy in bulk and save money. I can also ship gluten free items to to my daughte as wel.
VandaTower City, PA

great texture small box

I really enjoy anything made by Ancient Harvest with the texture and flavor being great. The only disappointment I had was how little pasta was in the box and how when I cooked the pasta it didn’t get any larger in size and stayed as very small shells. I was trying to use this in a casserole and the volume just wasn’t enough.
JulianNew Liberty, IA

Our favorite noodles!

These quinoa noodles are the best! What is even better? Knowing that when we eat them we’re not eating junk, but a whole grain that gives us a full serving of protein! What’s even better than that? They taste just like regular noodles that we’re used to eating!
LeonWaterloo, IN

Good Item

This is a great option for those with wheat allergies. Tip: Don’t over cook or they get very mushy.
ShanteKrebs, OK