Anna Tubetti #62 Pasta, 1 Pound Bags

Pasta is the foundation of exceptional Italian cuisine. In order for a meal to delight the palate, it must be made using the finest products. Anna Pasta is produced and packed in Italy using traditional methods of pasta production. The perfect blend of pure water and 100% durum wheat semolina creates a high quality nutritious product that is always consistent in taste, color and cooking time. This combination guarantees that Anna Pasta always cooks al dente, or firm in shape and rich in texture to aid in sauce absorption. From Anellini to Ziti, the Anna brand offers a complete pasta line of over 30 styles and cuts to satisfy your needs.

Quick facts

  • Case of twenty 1 pound bags of pasta (20 total pounds)
  • Made from the perfect blend of pure water and 100% durum wheat semolina
  • The perfect addition to an authentic Italian dinner
  • No artificial colorings or flavors
  • Product of Italy

Top reviews

Good, small pasta

I like this pasta. It is about the size a of a pencil eraser. There is no time suggested for cooking, hence the four stars. The first package we tried was overcooked. I think 5 minutes or less is all you will need. But they give a “cook until desired doneness”… not much help. But it tasted good and I think this is good value. Perfect for pasta with lentils, now I have to get my Italian friend to give me her recipe.
JasonComfort, TX


I love Anna Pasta, but I have ordered this twice and each time, several bags were broken and the pasta comes out of the bag. The first time there were 6 broken bags, the second time, I found 11 busted bags and the pasta all over the box. Although the pasta is good, it is not sanitary to find your pasta all over a box, especially eleven bags! Let’s get with the program and give your customers what they pay for….quality. Thanks!
NellaWaucoma, IA