Annie Chun’s Soup Bowl, Chinese Style Chicken, 5.7 Ounce

Who isn’t a fan of chicken noodle soup? Try our delightful classic, Chinese Style Chicken soup with Chinese chicken broth combined with pre-cooked hokkien noodles and individually dried toppings If you’re running on empty and need some quality time for yourself, slow down and grab a bowl of our Chinese Style Chicken Soup Bowl. It’s sure to feed your stomach and your soul!

Quick facts

  • Chinese style chicken soup combined with pre-cooked Hokkien noodles
  • Conveniently packaged in microwave-safe individual container
  • Heated and ready to eat in two minutes
  • Low fat, saturated fat free, cholesterol free
  • Great for a quick lunch or dinner

Top reviews

Avoid the Chicken

Purchased this with the Tom Yum and Udon. Avoid…doesn’t taste like chicken, really salty and almost unpalatable.
ChristoperEagle Lake, FL

Very tasty

I love these noodle bowls. They taste very good and you can easily add to them if you want…such as chix or more veggies. I have referred many friends to using them.
CherriArlington, GA

Great for work

try having this shipped to your work address and then you have a quick lunch ready to have on days when you are busy or forget to bring lunch in or can’t get out. More people should try this
JulianGeneva, TX

Just Okay

I like the idea that it’s more healthy than other soups on the market, but people are not going to continue to buy this if Annie Chun doesn’t improve on the taste. I would eat it, but my kids think it has a blah taste.
GeraldoNew Millport, PA

Chinese Chicken Soup Bowl

I do love almost all of Annie Chun’s products and this one is no exception. I did find the chicken broth to be a bit weak for my taste, so I added a couple of shakes of Maggi Chicken Bouillon granules. This made for a stronger chicken broth and I liked it so much more.
MarvisWhite Earth, ND

My favorite

I have this for lunch at work quite often! It’s almost like American chicken noodle, but mmmmmm… so much better!
WillisPerry Hall, MD

Good attempt for udon but there’s definitely room for improvement!

The noodles are cracked and brittle when you mix in the hot water. Taste was fine but I couldn’t get over the inconsistent texture of the noodles.
PatriciaHighland, WI

i like it! a lot!

Just picked up one of these at target and after trying it yesterday i must say that i quite like this flavor! I’m not sure why some of the reviews are low. I love spinach, but I tried this flavor and the spinach w/tofu one and i was surprised to find that I prefer the chicken flavor. I don’t like mushrooms at all, the flavor & texture are repulsive to me. Sometimes i can get past the shittake in Chinese stir-fry, but otherwise i can’t stomach them. So i was worried that i wouldn’t be able to handle the few mushroom slices in this soup, but it turns out that they did not bother me one bit. They do not have a mushroomy flavor or texture and i ate them with no problem.

One thing lacking in this soup is the veggies. There’s not a whole heck of a lot but that is to be expected i guess. I always find that I wish for more veggies in these instant noodle soups no matter the brand. So I recently bought bags of freeze-dried “just peas” and “just corn” to throw into my instant soups and they are proving to be a great investment. It’s great because you can control the amount you add, i can really “beef-up” my soups with lots of corn n peas if i choose to. I plan on getting carrots next….anyway, I added a little extra corn in this soup before preparing & it was great 🙂

RoryDrasco, AR

Get any other bowl but this!

I love this brand of soups, and will give every flavor four stars…. except this one. no matter how much i tinkered with the measurements while preparing it, i couldn’t get it to not taste awful. the udon and miso bowls are my favorites, but i will never order this flavor again.
JenaeComanche, TX

Perfect For Lunch

Just the right size for lunch on a cold day. Easy to make. Great taste.
DanyelThermal, CA

I love this soup!

Annie Chun’s Chinese Chicken is one of my favorites! Of the Annie Chun soup bowls, I’ve also tried the Udon, Pho (another big favorite), and Miso. I can’t decide if I like the Chicken or the Pho the best, they are both quite tasty. I found the taste fine on its own, but if you think it is bland you could try to add less water and see if that improves it for you. I don’t use the microwave method – I boil the water first, often I will pour some in with just the noodles, put the lid on and shake over the sink and then drain it to separate the noodles. Then I add the veggies, flavor packet and water (to the “water line” or just over it), and wait the two minutes or so before eating. It’s convenient and delicious. I really think it’s great that it is made with high quality ingredients – not many of these convenient soup bowls have organic and premium ingredients – which is probably one of the reasons these soup bowls are higher priced than your average ramen bowl (and these bowls taste much better than those cheap & salty soup bowls too). Definitely worth a try! The chicken and pho bowls are probably good intro soups in this line; but give any flavor that interests you a try and see which is your favorite. Also, they use minimal packaging and biodegradable bowls so those of us who are environmentally conscious can feel good about that too.
MyrticeSekiu, WA


yes I must confess, I am deeply addicted to this product. I toss and turn all night in my bed thinking of the sweet sweet moment when the sun rises and I will be smothered in a quick yummy delicacy such as these delicious noodles. but I also just came home from college so anything tastier than cardboard creates a magical food orgasm in my mouth. I love you Annie but your noodles are too damn expensive. So you shall stay a treat until I get use to real food again, in which case your noodles will become blunt and dull. but for now.. you are my treasure. yum!
ChadClarkson, NE

The Best Instant Noodle Meals You Can Buy!

Why? Because the noodles come SOFT, sealed in plastic! If you are tired of noodles that “crunch” or that have to be reconstituted out of the original cardboard, you are in for a treat! Available in something like a dozen different varieties, try them all and then subscribe to your favorites in order to get the lowest price.

Note: The seasoning comes in a sealed pouch so if you tend to prefer yours less salty or less strong in taste, don’t use it all to start. You can always add more in later.

Note: Since the bowl is made partially from cornstarch, it will biodegrade completely so toss it in the trash when you’re done without feeling guilty. (For this reason you should NOT attempt to reuse this bowl like you may have done with other brand instant noodle meals that came in plastic bowls.)

Note: Of them all I believe this to be my least favorite flavor. Why? Because it is the blandest. I think this was intended to be the one that entices ordinary Americans unfamiliar with Asian foods into sampling their products, but in the process they overdid it, producing a rather boring extremely mild tasting chicken soup with of course their excellent thick, soft, Hokkien noodles. I’d agree with other reviewers that this is the one you are most likely to want to add things to in order to spice it up.

CarolyneAlba, PA

Reliable lunch to keep at work

I like these soups because they are filling, tasty, convenient, and sometimes cheaper to buy through Amazon. I send them to my daughter so she has a quick work lunch, and now her son liikes them as an after school snack. The sodium is a bit high but much better than other instant noodles.

Also good for earthquake and emergency kits, though they need some water to rehydrate.

LazaroSligo, PA

Pleasant ginger taste, soft non fried noodle, but a bit bland. An ‘on sale’ purchase only

I thought that adding ginger to chicken soup was pleasantly tasty, but it was a bit bland. I wish this had more ginger flavor. If you dont have MSG, or more salt, you gotta add something. The vegetables were still pretty hard – I cooked it by adding boiling water and waiting 3 minutes. Also, there was a very small amount of pieces of vegetables. I think even one or two actual slices of mushroom would increase the perceived value greatly. The noodles reconstituted nicely, as they do with all versions of these soups, and there was a nice serving of them. I would have liked to see maybe even slightly less noodles if it meant more vegetables. An optional spice flavor packet would be really nice too.

I didnt think this was bad but I wasnt that impressed. This would probably be improved with a little soy sauce or spice. I know they are trying to limit the salt but i’ve had other soups with 1000mg of sodium (the amount in this soup – they claim 2 servings but thats a joke and deceives many people) or less, and it tasted better. Also, when cooking, do not use more water then specified. 1 cup is enough; any more will substantially dilute the taste. I would recommend trying this once but after that, unless its $1.50 or less, I dont think its a repeat for me.

I saw this at my local publix for – get this – a whopping $4.79. Its certainly NOT worth that price. With annie chun you are partly paying for the gimmick – the cornstarch recyclable packaging, charity donations, organic ingredients, no msg (although does contain yeast extract which has free glutimates I believe..), etc.

My recommendation is to only pick this up if you see it on sale, and then add in something extra – maybe even more ginger. If you are able, some diced chicken would really improve this soup. If you are on the go, you could also add canned chicken breast since its shelf stable. I think the overall consensus is that if you were to try any one of these annie chun soups, try the udon.

MarileeJeffrey City, WY