Annie’s Homegrown Cheddar Bunnies Baked Snack Crackers, Original, 10-Ounce Boxes

Handful after handful, snacker’s of all ages enjoy the crispy crunch and real cheesy flavor of our Cheddar Bunnies, so much so that they quickly disappear. That’s why we think you’ll be delighted with our new family-size Cheddar Bunnies. With our bigger box, you’ll always have plenty of these wholesome and delicious bunny-shaped crackers available for your snacking needs. Cheddar Bunnies are made with organic wheat flour and real cheddar cheese, no artificial ingredients in our bite-size Bunnies! Because Annie’s promotes healthy food and healthy kids, our Cheddar Bunnies contain absolutely no hydrogenated oils, saturated fats, or trans fatty acids. We strive for excellence and perfection in our family-size box of Cheddar Bunnies. We hope they earn the same level of trust, loyalty, and enthusiasm you have shown for our all-natural and organic products. With the introduction of family-size Cheddar Bunnies, Bernie, our beloved bunny mascot, is smiling and so are we! This package is sold by weight, not volume. Contents may settle during shipping. They are certified organic by Quality Assurance International, product of the USA.

Quick facts

  • Case of twelve, 12-ounce boxes (total of 144 ounces)
  • 0g trans fat; low saturated fat
  • No cholesterol; No sugar added
  • Contains non-GMO
  • Case of 12 Boxes

Top reviews

the best cheese crackers for kids (big kids too!)

our family loves these! Annie’s is a great company! my teenage son takes a box to each away ballgame to share with his teammates.

my husband has a handful with his glass of wine in the evening…wine and cheese 🙂

very cheesy and healthy too, plus who can resist the cute bunny shape?

try some!

VanitaEasthampton, MA

Great Snack!

My kids love these crackers. They are a great snack. The larger (12 oz.) boxes are harder too find, and are a better deal.
KaranStevens Point, WI

Forget the goldfish ~ go for bunnies! (and BIG)

These crackers are great for the natural, health-conscious family as well as anyone else who loves “goldfish” or other cheese crackers… They taste great and are all natural with organic wheat. Nothing weird – you can actually understand what every ingredient is! (how refreshing)

Plus, I love this new BIG box — 12 oz instead of regular 7.5 oz. Not only does it save packaging and cabinet space, but it’s a better price per ounce! Great for us because we go through them so fast. Now that these are available here, I also don’t have to go to the store (some of my local stores don’t carry the big size anyway).

LenitaCrockett, VA

A sure thing

My 14 month old son is a very picky, fickle eater. Some days he’ll eat grapes, other days he’ll throw them angrily to the floor as though I’m trying to poison him. But Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies are a sure thing. He’ll eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner and bounces up and down happily when he sees the purple box. Though I’d prefer he ate something more substantial, at least I know they’re made from real ingredients including organic flour and real cheese. They’re also lower in sodium than many comparable cheese crackers including the Earth’s Best Organics brand which I appreciate. Most importantly, since many of my meals these days consist of his leftovers, they’re delicious.
VinaKalida, OH

Better than goldfish

these taste so much better than goldfish!!!! They taste almost homemade- very fresh and strong cheese flavor. I am switching over to mostly natural and organic foods, so I picked these up. My kids were skeptically ( they love their goldfish crackers), but all yelled “YUM” after the first bite!
KasiChilton, TX

My kids love them!

My kids (almost 4 and 1) love these crackers. We always have a box in the car. They are healthy and tasty – much better for kids than Goldfish. My only complaint (thus the 4 stars) is that they are a bit greasy and can stain things. My little one sometimes sits on them in her carseat and gets stains on her clothes and also on our couches 😉 . I try to be careful, but sometimes it is invevitable.

The price here is the best I have seen (better than Annie’s own website) and this larger size is not available many places. It is even better when Amazon is running an instant rebate on them!

ZacheryHuntington, VT

A former addiction of my wife’s

I bought the case for my wife’s birthday. She loved it! She has since stopped eating Cheddar Bunnies, but not because they’re not delicious. She just wants to slim down a bit. And you know how it is around bunnies: two bunnies, then four bunnies, then eight….
EvonneHelen, GA

Great for snacking!

My 2 year old is obsessed with these…if he could eat nothing else he’d be happy. I love that they are all natural. The only downside to buying these boxes in particular is that they are pretty large and not really usable for taking on the go, so be ready to use a sealing container if you want them to be portable.
TondaFranklin, TN

Cheesey Bunny Addiction

We are all addicted to Cheesey Bunnies! From ages 1 to 37, our family of four is in love! Our very picky 1 & 6 year olds can’t stop eating them! Way better than Cheese Nips or Cheez-its!
GenevaChiefland, FL

Natural and Super Tasty!

I only recently discovered these crackers and think they’re a great product. They are very light and crispy, yet flavorful and not too salty. The ingredient list is reassuring as so many snack products are loaded with junk. Also, so many natural brands make snacks that can taste pretty bland.
These are a win win. I higly recommend these scrumptious Bunnies!
PartheniaSouthard, OK

Blows Goldfish out of the water (ha!)

I enjoy other Annie’s products and figured I’d give these a try. Similar to Goldfish, but better. A more authentic flavor and certainly better for you. My husband, who doesn’t like Goldfish, loves these. Perfect for a little “something” if you can’t wait for lunch or dinner.
SoniaHigh Island, TX




ApoloniaMoody, AL

Tasty and all-natural!

I bought a whole case of these because my daughter loves bunnies, and I have eaten my fair share of them, too. I don’t really like how I feel after eating a whole bunch of goldfish, but I have eaten a bunch of the bunnies, and I still feel good after eating them. That must be because they don’t have all the artificial stuff. Good for picky eaters like my daughter!
CarlenaOakland, AR

Love It!!!

My boys and I love Annie’s Homgrown Cheddar Bunnies. I have priced the cheddar bunnies at a few diffrent stores and found that the best price is on Amazon. I also love having the food come directly to my home.
NiaBeresford, SD

Very Good

Kids and adults can enjoy these! Crunchy, not too much salt and no preservatives or artificial colors. A good choice for a cheddar cracker
JustineVan Tassell, WY

Great snack food for toddlers!!

We used to buy baby goldfish crackers for our toddlers until we found these. We bought a whole case and our toddlers love them. It took about a month for our little girl to stop calling them “sishy crackers.” She couldnt tell a difference. In my opinion they tast better than goldfish crackers. They’re not as salty tasting. I think we have these with at least 2 meals a day, not to mention snacks. I love snacking on them too!! A great snack for the whole family!!!
StephenSyracuse, NY