Annie’s Homegrown Creamy Deluxe Elbows & Four Cheese Sauce, 10-Ounce Boxes

Say hello to our Deluxe Elbows Macaroni & Four Cheese Sauce. This super-cheesy masterpiece is made with certified organic pasta elbows and the best Cheddar, Asiago, Parmesan and Monterey Jack cheeses. No additional ingredients are required – just cook the pasta, squeeze in the creamy cheese, and like magic you’ll have a delicious meal!

Quick facts

  • Made with 100% Real Cheese
  • Made with Organic Pasta
  • Good Source of Calcium & Protein
  • No Artificial Flavors, Synthetic Colors, or Preservatives.
  • Cheese from cows not treated with growth hormone rBST (no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST-treated and non rBST-treated cows).

Top reviews


I was really disappointed. It tasted like cardboard and vinegar. It wasn’t very satisfying either. It was, however, easy and quick to make.
AshtonRapid River, MI

Great price, great taste

Wow, we’ve never had so much Macaroni and Cheese in a long time! And Annie’s is really, really good. This doesn’t need additional milk or butter, and the sauce is an easy-to-squeeze out paste in a foil package. It tastes great, and makes a great receptacle for some creativity of your own too.

Tips to enjoy it:

– Just boil in plenty of water, the six-cup requirement is a minimum.

– Drain quickly, put the pasta back in the hot pot. The remaining heat is just right to melt the thick cheesy sauce into the macaroni. Don’t rinse the pasta in cold water, it will make it hard for the sauce to combine well.

– All the Deluxe versions are animal rennet free. Annie’s FAQ is very specific about which ones use vegetable rennet (not all do) but Amazon isn’t picking up the information. I tag the really vegetarian ones “animal rennet-free” whenever I can.

– Try blending sundried tomatoes, a fresh tomato, olive oil, garlic, pizza peppers, salt, freshly ground pepper, and a touch of balsamic vinegar into a paste. This really complements the mac and cheese and gives it a new, gourmet taste that still doesn’t take away from the “mac and cheesiness” of it.

– Tabasco Chipotle sauce makes a great addition for the adventurous. The smoky taste is tempered by the creaminess.

JoeyHighland Park, NJ

you’ll never eat kraft again

Our family all agrees this is much better than kraft’s mac & cheese.

Much stronger cheese taste.

Not the most healthful food on the planet, but quick, easy, tasty.

KaneshaXenia, IL

Great healthy mac and cheese!

This is THE best mac and cheese on the market. Just try it. Its rich and creamy, and all organic and as healthy cheese and pasta can possibly be.

Amazon also has a very reasonable price on this to stock your pantry.

EsterVan Buren, AR


This is one of the best mac & cheese. What’s even more convienent about this is that there’s a pouch of real sauce you squeeze over the cooked macaroni, stir and enjoy. It tastes so much better because it’s real and not any chemical/artificial ingredients added.
TerryAlviso, CA

Better than Kraft

We have been eating various Annie’s products for a while now and have become addicted to this one.

This is, by far, better than Kraft Deluxe Mac n’ Cheese. The macaroni noodles, while small in the box, cook to a rather large size and the cheese packet has more than enough cheese to give it the right amount of “cheesy-ness”. I like to embellish it from time to time with some extra cheese, like Pepper Jack or Asiago, but it does not need it.

VannesaStratford, WI

great mac & cheese!

My family loves this macaroni and will never eat Kraft again! This is the perfect macaroni for adding items to—my kids love it with tuna. It comes with an envelope of thick cheese sauce and doesn’t need anything added. This macaroni still has too much salt like all the others, but it is a better-for-you alterative overall.
MadalineBrazil, IN

Surprisingly good

I purchased these originally because a friend of mine was lamenting the changes to the “other” stuff and how it didn’t taste the same. I like attempting to make mine from scratch but doggone it, sometimes I just don’t feel like cooking. I saw the reviews and thought why not? I took a leap of faith and got the case. It is super easy to make, the flavor is very good, and I shared it with my friend. She liked it so much I gave her a few boxes.

The only downside is that it is a little dry. Not quite enough cheese sauce to make it ooey, gooey like the other stuff used to be like. I add some cheese to ramp up the gooey factor. That being the only downside for me, I love this stuff and will buy it again. Who doesn’t like easy after a long day at work, school or whatever?

ElvieGrovetown, GA

Favorite “comfort food”

Many years ago, used to practically live on good ole Kraft Mac & cheese, but this is SO much better! Great cheese blend, not too salty. The only downside to the new packaging is that it’s smaller. I used to get two good sized servings out of the old packaging, now I get 1 and a half, which is NOT very convenient. Still tastes great though!
PatriciaMarcus, WA

Best Mac&Cheese In a Box We’ve Ever Had

My husband and I are huge fans of Annie’s Deluxe Pasta & Cheese. My husband likes the Elbows & Four Cheese variety best. I also like the Rotini and White Cheddar flavor. This is the best boxed mac and cheese we’ve ever found. We also like that it’s all-natural, and not full of preservatives and artificiality. We wish that it were organic, too, but other than that, this is the perfect boxed mac & cheese.
KarinSharps Chapel, TN

None finer that Annie’s!

Annie’s Creamy Deluxe Mac & Cheese will SPOIL YOU FOR THAT JUNK Kraft now sells! We grew up on Kraft, but believe me, what they sell now is NOT the same stuff! If you insist on something like Kraft, save your money and buy the generic kind. But if you’re looking for luscious mac & cheese, Annies is ALL REAL CHEESE!!! This dish is great made as directed, but for special occasions, I boil the pasta for only 5 minutes (NOT 8 to 10!), melt half a cup (half a cube) of unsalted butter in the hot pan over low heat, beat in the cheese sauce packet, then stir in the hot pasta. YUM City!! Make TWO packets if you plan on any leftovers for lunch the next day, because this recipe is beyond belief GOOD! (Boil the pasta a LOT less if you want to reheat the dish later, it gets limp and soggy fast! My Grandmother used to say pasta should always bite back! – in other words, have some spring-back left in it.)
BridgetteDunmore, WV

Only Brand Allowed in my House!

Excellent taste and made with real cheese…isn’t that a novel concept. If you don’t believe that statement, check the information on the internet about the yellow food dye used by the major brand name. That dye isn’t even allowed in Europe…it is actually banned. Once you read this information, you will never go back. Annie’s is excellent tasting and perfect for my family. Only brand I would allow in my house given what I have learned. Perfect for those quick dinners at home.
JacindaMohawk, WV