Antimo Caputo “00” Tipo Chef’s Flour 10 Pack

The Chef`s Flour………

Quick facts

  • Antimo Caputo
  • “00” Flour
  • Chef’s Flour
  • 10 pack
  • 2.2lb bags

Top reviews

Best flour for alot of things

We originally bought this flour to make pizza which made EXCELLENT crust!! Also made excellent bread in my bread machine- worth the price– esp in bulk like this
TommyWynnewood, PA

Love this flour!

The Antimo Caputo 00 Tipo Chef’s flour is really wonderful! What a differece this 00 flour makes compared to all purpose flour when making pizza dough. Everyone thought the pizzas I made were soooo good! Taylor’s Market had super fast shipping and the 00 flour was packaged securely. I will buy from Taylor’s Market again. Very Pleased!
LissaBondurant, WY


The perfect flour for wood fired pizza. It might not work as well in a kitchen oven since it tends to NOT brown unless the heat is very high(800+ degrees F) In that case mix with up to 50% bread flour and you will get that brown crust. This flour makes a lighter almost puffy dough that stretches well. With the addition of bread flour, the dough is a little chewier and will brown at lower temperatures.My family loves the texture and flavor using this new dough in my standard recipes. I am still experimenting with additions, Like BF, for texture and flavor.
LilliaIvan, AR

“00” Superfine is Super

The Antimo Caputo Superfine Farina Flour is a great product. The flour is perfect for pizzas and foccacias, makes the crumb very fine and tasty. Hard to believe that the finer grind makes so much difference. I love it.
KathrynLittle York, NJ

Best flour for pizza dough!!

If you make pizza dough yourself you have to use “00” flour. This finely ground flour makes the dough and is worth the extra amount spent!!
MistieCreighton, PA

Quality Italian Flour, Great for Pizza!

Caputo Flour is it for making thin crust pizza.

67% hydration, ferment minimum overnight, and presto.

CleoPollock, ID

Pizza Perfect

Ordering some more today – it’s the perfect pizza flour, what a difference! Great price, great deal on shipping. Who would order from anywhere else?
MarissaPunta Gorda, FL

Best Pizza Flour ever

This flour makes amazing pizzas and bread. It’s the first time I buy it and I plan to continue buying it!
LuraNellis, WV