Apitherapy Raw Honey-Orange Blossom Honey Gardens 1 lbs Glass Jar

Apitherapy Raw Honey-Orange Blossom by Honey Gardens 1 lbs Glass Jar Apitherapy Raw Honey-Orange Blossom This honey is made by bees gathering nectar from orange blossoms in Florida. It is bottled in Vermont and is totally raw and unfiltered. Honey is liquid when it comes out of the honeycomb and crystallizes into a creamy spreadable texture in the fall. The color of the honey varies a bit each season and is usually light in color and mild in flavor with a fresh scent and light citrus taste.

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This raw honey is an excellent product. Truly raw with a wonderful, subtle orange flower flavor, this honey is great for sweetening warm drinks, smoothies, adding to your raw desserts, or just eating right out of the jar!
OuidaPlevna, MO

A beautiful product!

If I could, I would bottle this honey and wear it as perfume! I look forward each day to opening the jar and putting it my tea. I also don’t share this with anyone and hide it when I have guests over! I can’t say enough about this lovely product! Oh, did I mention that is smells divine!?!?
RosannSevery, KS

Great taste, the best Honey

Wonderful Honey! I’m a repeat customer but will hold out during hot summer. Jar is not vacuum or pressure sealed and does leak. I had to return one (honey everywhere), then the last one leaked a little but was not enough to return thankfully. I think it’s just too hot for a liquid item that is not sealed in a way to prevent leaking and this product is too good to waste.
WyattSaint Charles, AR

Is this okay???

I am new to buying raw honey. This honey has stuff floating in it. I am not sure if this is normal or not. Also, this honey smells and tastes fermented. This is something I was not expecting and I am not sure this is safe to eat. Does all raw honey taste and smell fermented? Or, did I get a bad jar? In addition, I was not too impressed with the companies seal. It was basically a small strip of tape on the side of the jar going up to the lid. Can anyone provide some insight to these questions?
LouellaOakwood, OK

Best honey I’ve tasted

This is the best tasting honey I’ve ever had. The orange blossom is delicate and enhances the flavor tenfold. Great on toast or a hot biscuit. Even tried it in my green tea and it was delicious. This quality product changed my mind about what to expect from honey. Plan on buying a lot more to have on hand for colder weather and the holiday season.
PazPe Ell, WA

Not just Naturally DELICIOUS it’s healthy!

The flavor is as deliciously natural as only raw honey can taste. My nephew is alergic to regular “heated/processed” honey, but he can have as much of this as he wants!
ClaytonAugusta, MT


I have tried several of Honey Gardens honey, They are all great!!! This one is a little thinner and sweeter. It’s irresistable.
NormaConstantia, NY

Great Raw Honey and Pricing also!

This honey is great. I love using raw honey and cannot find it in the stores in this area. So ordering this through this company is not only great for me but the pricing is the best I’ve found.
EleaseCunningham, TX