Archway Holiday Cashew Nougat Cookies – One 6 oz Box

One 6 oz box archway cashew nougat cookies

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  • One 6 oz box Archway Cashew Nougat

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highway robbery at it’s finest

What the heck? Yes, Archway has stopped making these little balls of nougaty heaven, but somehow the vultures have landed and snapped a few up–which of course entitles them to take a 4.00 box of cookies and charge almost 14.00 for them. What is this world coming to?

These are 5 star cookies at a 0 star price. Keep moving, people. Nothing to see here.

RebeckaMoriches, NY

Cookies great but only got half my order

these are my favorite cookies. however I only got half my order and have not received the rest even after talking with amazon and sending them an e-mail. VERY DISAPOINTED WITH AMAZON. P.S. I also sent amazon a copy of the packing slip showing their error.
WyattJamestown, KY