Arcor Assorted Fruit Flavored Kosher Candy with Chewy Centers, Pack of 2

Treat yourself or your loved ones to arcor assorted fruit flavored candy bring color and life into any party when you put these on display on any table arrangement. Bring them to work and put some in your kid’s lunch box.

Quick facts

  • This yummy chewing candy is full of taste. a variety of flavors to suite for all ages.
  • Arcor Brand candy are known for their great flavors. Treat yourself to one, and you’ll end up finishing the entire bag!
  • This product is certified Kosher under the strict supervision of the Manchester Bais Din.
  • Delicious arcor Assorted Flavor Fruit candy
  • Each bag contains 470 Grams = Total 940 Grams (2.072lb)

Top reviews

great candy and worth the price

I have tried to find this candy everywhere.

Worth the price to have it shipped here.

Enjoyed so much I placed a second order

MarindaMadisonville, TX


I am addicted to these candies. They have a somewhat hard, but still chewable outer shell and a wonderfully sweet jelly filled center. The fruit flavors are strong and last throughout the short life of the candy.

They’re expensive for what you get, but like I said, I’m addicted.

I wish I could buy the flavors ala carte, in which case, I would buy very little if any of the lemon, which is my least favorite.

Since my grandchildren discovered these on the kitchen counter, my supplies diminish all the quicker.

Judging from my own experience, a lot of people won’t like these candies. They have a very intense taste and the jelly filling can stick to your teeth for a moment or two until you swish it away with your tongue.

But then there are the people like me who could eat them all the time.


LeandraCanoga Park, CA

Make you sweet tooth happy with this fruit-flavored delight…

This is “very good” quality candy with a roundish shape that comes in an assortment of fruit flavors (strawberry, pineapple, lemon, orange, etc.), each with its own distinctive and tasty chewy fruit filling.

It is candy in the “European” tradition of making this kind of candy – not quite the “real thing” as it is made in Germany or Austria, but it’s close and all but impossible to find locally.

This same seller (Great Ones For You ) also has another comparable candy with a narrower and more elongated shape available here on Amazon: “Arcor Vienna Fruit Filled Kosher Candy 2 Packs.”

Buy some, taste and enjoy. The two bags provided probably won’t last long, so be sure to purchase enough to keep your sweet tooth happy.

MelitaFalse Pass, AK

Looking every where for these

I used to buy these around Christmas time for this little produce store where I lived. Then I moved for college and haven’t been able to find these anywhere and I couldn’t remember the exactly name so I end up here on Amazon searching for them and found them. I loved these candies and takes a handful in my backpack or purse with me.
BreanneBerthoud, CO


2 pack Fruit Flavored Kosher Candy is now only $14.69. It’s great. I think it’s yummy chewing candy. I love it so much..
KarisaRamsey, IN

Even my least favorite flavors are delicious

I ordered this product because my boss had some a while back and I remember that they made working a little more bearable. They are my favorite brand of candy, hands down.
Strawberry is the best, followed by lemon, orange, pineapple and cherry.
I’ll be frank, I think cherry and pineapple taste like butts on any occasion other than with these candies.
With these candies, I can eat them by the fistful and not even care that my body is gaining fat by the second.
The only cons are:
Expensive for what little candy you get. After shipping, two 1lb. bags for 20+ dollars really wasn’t worth the price.
Very acidic, after about three, my mouth actually starts to hurt.
Nutritional information is in about every language other than English.
From what I can tell, three pieces is about 100 calories. I can’t eat just three.
OcieWaucoma, IA