ARCTIC ZERO Fit Frozen Desserts – 6 Pack – Cookie Shake Creamy Pint

Arctic Zero Cookies & Cream Frozen Dessert 6-Pack is only 150 Calories Per Pint! With 14 grams of whey protein and low glycemic; Arctic Zero feeds the muscle and starves the fat.

Quick facts

  • 150 calories per pint!
  • Fat Free & Gluten Free
  • Lactose Intolerant Friendly & Low Glycemic
  • 8 grams of fiber
  • 14 grams of whey protein concentrate

Top reviews

Well, they tried…

The Cookies and Cream flavor turned out to be a disappointment from the moment the carton was opened. As other reviewers have mentioned the color is disturbing, an unappetizing solid purplish grey. It’s not an easy or very appealing color to describe. The taste is similar. At no time would I ever describe it as Cookies and Cream, it more of an overly sweetened bad vanilla? I can’t quite put my finger on what the flavor is. Something went wrong in the Arctic Zero kitchen on this one. It’s not so bad that it has to go in the trash,(especially after the hefty price tag) but I have to add toppings to help it go down easier.
I’ve tried all the flavors (except the newest coffee flavor), and below is my flavor ranking.
1.Mint Chocolate Cookie
3.Chocolate Peanut Butter
5.Strawberry Banana
7.Cookies and Cream
ShaunnaCentralia, MO

Not good.

This is my least favorite of the Arctic Zero flavors. The taste is ok, but the color is very unappetizing. I would describe it as a purple/brown/grey color. I believe that plays into your psyche and makes eating it unpleasant.
DustyWillingboro, NJ

Love It Half Of The Time

I have purchased this a few times (all flavors included). I have noticed that sometimes I will get a batch of Artic Zero that is nice and creamy and I love it, and sometimes I will receive a batch that is very icy and I really don’t like it too much.

I wish this product was consistent with its texture. Shipping is also much too slow. I hope that this improves also.

GenaroNew Albin, IA

My favorite guilt free indulgence

I am a Weight Watchers Lifetime member, and this is one of my favorite ice cream substitutes! Several reviewers commented on the color, but I did not find that a problem. Of course it is not as creamy as a fat-laden ice cream would be, but it is a very fine sub! This and the pumpkin are my favorite flavors.
MaryleeLong Barn, CA

The ugliest, and most delicious flavor they make!

I’ll be honest, when I opened the lid to see an off-putting purple/gray shade with no cookie crumbs in sight I was hesitant to try it.

Fast forward a half hour and the entire pint was gone. This is probably the most delicious flavor of arctic zero I’ve tried and it actually tastes exactly like cookies and cream!

I’d still recommend going for vanilla maple if you’ve never tried Arctic Zero before, but this should be the next flavor on your list.

MertiePecos, NM

A winner.

My favorite flavor. I put it in the microwave for 25 seconds so it softens and it get perfectly creamy. I am addicted.
ManBarkhamsted, CT

Independent Testing Suggests Caution about those Calories

ABC’s Today Show recently tested Arctic Zero Chocolate Peanut Butter along with Arctic Zero Maple Vanilla, and found that “Arctic Zero Vanilla Maple had a whopping 46 percent more calories than the label. The Chocolate Peanut Butter: an incredible 68 percent more calories.” If you do the math, 68% more Calories than 32 is 63 — almost exactly what you’d calculate from looking at the protein and carb.

They did not, unfortunately, test this product. Caveat emptor, is all I can say.

You can find the report by Googling “Rossen Reports: Can you believe diet frozen dessert labels?”

NatashaBigelow, AR

wonderful and helpful for sweet tooth

not sure why people are giving bad reviews on arctic zero, it isnt ice cream no but it is wonderful and what can you eat a whole pint for 150 calories that has real flavor and creamy???? it has helped me stay on track with weight loss, and maintaining, over 100 lbs and i think the cookies and cream has the best flavor, although the vanilla maple if use a hand mixer and then eat, tastes very much like a certain frozen custard, very good! the choc PB is delicious as well
MetaDike, IA

Picky picky picky

I haven’t had the pleasure of trying all of the flavors yet since they are not all available where I live (but I will). No this isn’t exactly “cookies and cream” (which is a real ice cream flavor that I don’t like) but it is smooth, creamy, and delicious. Of course it doesn’t taste (or look) exactly like real ice cream and it’s not super sweet. Just check the label and you’ll see why. To all the nay sayers I say be realistic-it’s NOT the stuff that makes you fat. If it was then it would be more like 100 calories for a 1/4 cup and you would either get fat, stay fat, or only eat a tiny bit. It’s more like a perfectly done frozen protein shake (but much smoother). I put mine in the microwave for 30 seconds and it softens up very nicely. Also if you don’t like this flavor try another. I’m sure you don’t like every single type of real ice cream available so why would this be different? I think this is the greatest new product available to dieters and I hope they continue to come out with new flavors. That said, I think that the other realistic point (for me) is that these aren’t the most expensive ingredients out there so the price is unreasonable. Sure I’m gonna buy it anyway (I just said it’s the greatest) but I bet you there are thousands (or more) who won’t. Just consider all the fat people who only drink diet soda-hello-the market is vast. If you put the price within everyones reach (while maintaining quality) BAM! Where do I sign up? Finally, I say again-it doesn’t taste like that because it’s not that-it’s something different. Its something different that’s really good! Just try it-Don’t listen to the naysayers-they bitch about everything. You get to eat the WHOLE PINT!!!!!
TreasaNewport, NC

A dieter’s godsend!

Considering I’ve tried many different types of ice creams, gelatos, and frozen yogurts, I had high hopes for Arctic Zero. My creamy, cold, partially frozen desserts have got to taste good, melt in the mouth, and satisfy the craving appropriately.
Don’t expect Ben & Jerry’s or full-fat quality from this ice cream. By reading the ingredients alone, there’s no magical spell that can transform monk fruit, water, and whey protein into egg yolks, granulated sugar, and cream.

Arctic Zero’s Cookies and Cream ice cream is a smooth and slightly slippery textured sweet treat. My first experience with monk fruit was in this ice cream and I’ve got to say it has a nicely sweet flavor to it without the cooling effects of artificial sweeteners. Taste is great, in my opinion! It definitely reminded me of a watered down cookies and cream flavor. There is no texture or cookie bits in here, though.

The color is a slightly off grey, purple hue. I really liked it. If you’ve ever had taro flavored milk or bubble tea, it looks just like that. It also tastes similar to taro bubble tea. Maybe this is why I enjoy it so much!

All in all, it’s worth a shot to try in the grocery store before you go buying a mega pack. You will either love it or leave it. I appreciate that a mostly natural, low calorie, satisfying option is available and will continue to support and lovingly consume Arctic Zero!

LarryLuxora, AR

Heavenly treat!

Its 1 AM and I’m munching one down as I type. Its not the conventional creamy textured ice
Cream that we all love and adore its slightly more crystallized and breaks off Into little lumps, but once its in your mouth …..its so delicious. The flavor lingers just long enough and its actually good for you made out of milk whey which has tons of protein. Its a guilt free midnight munchie. Enjoy!
MamieBrownville, ME

not “cookies and cream” but still delicious

There are no chunks of cookie, in fact it tastes nothing like “cookies and cream” BUT it is really really good. That’s relative to the other A.Z. flavors of course.

In general, arctic zero “ice cream” isn’t ice cream at all–it’s a frozen treat that’s low in calories, high in protein, and is really a “health nut’s” dream. You can’t expect Ben and Jerry’s when you eat this stuff or else you’ll be highly disappointed.

my favorites are cookies and cream, coffee, and vanilla maple!

MaxwellRed Creek, WV

Would not buy again

After trying the Chocolate Peanut Butter flavored Arctic Zero which was pretty good, the Cookies and Cream flavor was a huge disappointment. As previously noted it is a strange color and the taste is absolutely nothing like Cookies and Cream. It is really sweet but in the worst way possible and I will not be purchasing this pricey product again.
GinetteMalta Bend, MO

this is NOT the same as from the store!

So, I purchased some of this type ice cream from my local store and decided to buy online. Unfortunately, this is NOT the same. It is very icey/crystally. I doubt it is even the same mixture as the store bought hand scooped ice cream. I do NOT recommend purchasing this item. It tasted BAD and has the texture of chipped ice.
OlinCobb, CA

Good flavor…

I think this is good a flavor. I am not sure what people are expecting for 150 cals a pint. The color looked brown to me (not grey), as if there was oreo cookies mixed in. It tastes good alone, or with light whipped topping and chocolate whey crisps sprinkled on top if you want a crunch. Maybe, some people got a bad batch or something… or they are expecting too much from a low-cal and allergy friendly desert.
SangOrangeville, IL

Ok, not my favorite

I love the vanilla and chocolate arctic zero. The grey color of the cookies and cream is a turn off. It’s bearable but I will not be ordering it again.
EstellaGlendale, UT

The least appetizing flavor thus far

As others have stated, the Arctic Zero Cookies and Cream isn’t what you expect. The cookie part of it is just crushed cookie powder mixed in with the ice cream and not the traditional larger pieces of chocolate cookie (like Oreo cookies) with vanilla ice cream. Also, the flavor was just weird. Not quite vanilla-like. There was a hint of nuttiness. Maybe hazel nut or maple syrup.

After eating the Arctic Zero Vanilla Maple flavor, I realized that the base for the Cookies and Cream flavor are the SAME! All they did was add crushed cookies to it! And, that was where the nutty, hazelnut-like, maple syrup-like flavor was coming from!

Pretty lame if you ask me!!!!

ShilohComstock Park, MI

Artic ZERO you got that right!

If there was a ZERO star rating guess what? I rarely write reviews but had to warn everyone that if you remotely think this is going to taste like ice cream you will be highly disappointed. It taste like iced, colored gum. ZERO taste is more like it. And what’s up with the picture which I think is kind of deceptive? First of all there are no ‘cookies’ and the product is a mousey brown color which is totally unappealing. Then once you get past that and dig in not even by the biggest stretch of your imagination would you mistake this tasteless gook as some kind of dessert. And it has the nerve to be expensive? $6 totally wasted.
JacintaQuarryville, PA

Tastes nothing like you would hope or expect.

I rarely type reviews but simply have to after trying this product. I picked it up at Whole Foods and yes, the color is kinda strange, but I can get past that. And I realized it wouldn’t taste truly like ice cream. But it has such a sickeningly sweet flavor that is nothing like cookies and cream. It reminded me of cheap ice milk with a bunch of Equal packets mixed in. And I did assume there would be ‘cookies’. I know that there are whey crisps out on the market and assumed that something similar would be used.

Overall, I really hated this product and after trying to doctor it up, I just threw it away. It’s not a remotely good ice cream substitute. If you’re looking for a natural, low sugar option, try So Delicious No-Sugar Added Coconut Milk Ice Cream. I’ve tried the Mint Chip and Chocolate and both are pretty delicious.

JenelleRoseland, FL

Very low calorie, but I don’t think it’s for me 🙁

I was very excited to hear about Arctic Zero products, as I’m always looking for lower-calorie, natural snacks to incorporate into my healthy diet. After checking them out on Amazon and reading some good reviews, I headed to the local big-box natural grocery store to buy one of each of the flavors (they’re slightly more than half the Amazon price there). Even the cashier commented that she’d heard good things about this brand, and that the Cookies and Cream flavor seemed to be customers’ favorite.

After trying this flavor last night, however, I don’t think I’ll be buying these again. As other reviewers have said, the color is different from a typical, off-the-shelf cookies and cream ice cream, although that doesn’t bother me because I’m used to all-natural foods being different in color than their synthetic counterparts. What did bother me, however, was the taste – I would NOT classify this as overly sweet as some other reviewers have. In fact I’d classify the flavor as slightly bland, with no cookie flavor whatsoever. In fact, I checked the container to make sure I hadn’t accidentally gotten the maple vanilla flavor out of the freezer, since I’d bought that flavor as well. In addition, I felt that the texture was “off” somewhat – not grainy or anything, just more viscous than a normal ice cream (it seemed to “coat” my mouth for a long time after I ate it).

All in all, I ended up eating about 3 teaspoons of this and putting it back in the freezer – great for portion control, but I’d rather spend my calories on ice cream that tastes good rather than eating something non-appetizing just because it’s low in calories.

I’m hoping that the other flavors of this product might appeal to me more than this one did!

SheritaFair Play, SC

Yucky, Yucky….. Blaaaah!

This was just plain yucky! I can’t even describe the taste, but it taste nothing like a cookie. Just imagine a piece of paper sprinkled with sugar and this is what it tastes like! I was very disappointed as I was hoping that I found another great flavor. I just don’t understand how people can say that this is their favorite (they must not have tried the other flavors!) Although I appreciate Artic Zero trying to add new flavors, this one shouldn’t have passed the taste tests. Please don’t let this review stop them from adding new flavors, but if they need to discontinue a flavor to add a new one……then I vote to get rid of this!
SophiaOld Fort, OH

Not my favorite but OK

This flavor is the last flavor i had left to try. Yes the color is visually unappealing but i don’t care about that. The thing i don’t like about it is that it is overly sweet. I would have to say that my favorite is chocolate followed by mint chocolate cookie, vanilla, coffee, pumpkin, cookies n creme and the strawberry banana.
NeryMelrose, OH

Yummy goodness for only 150 calories per pint!

No longer are the arctic zero ice creams icy – the company upped the calories to 150 per pint but the taste is much creamier and a bit sweeter. The cookies and cream is now my favorite. This flavor seems to be creamier than the others and though I don’t see cookie crumbles within the ice cream, I taste them. Seems to be lighter color/taste version of their chocolate ice cream with a “cookie” flavor. A great way to indulge, without blowing your diet.
MiloOlean, NY

not what i expected

it’s really sweet. and it just wasn’t anything like i expected. the color reminds me of wet cement and to me, that’s just not appetizing. don’t get me wrong, it’s not horrible, but it’s not great either. i still have 4 of the 6 pints left in my freezer from months ago. i won’t buy it again though.
SantaShiocton, WI

Good but not my favorite

I LOOOOOOOVE arctic zero and spend an insane amount of money on them. I tried their new flavor Cookies and Cream and while it’s good it tastes more like a protein mix than ice cream. My favorites in order are PB Chocolate,Mint Chocolate Cookie,Vanilla Maple,Chocolate. Iwouldn’t recommend the strawberry-banana. Would try again if the make it just strawberry.
BarbieSouth Dartmouth, MA